A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Elias often mentions the three terms exposure, vulnerability and receiving in the same breath because they depend on each other:

Session #1395:

Now; in this time framework, you are attempting to trust again. I may express to you, in this situation, remember that an element of your success is dependent upon your willingness to receive, which is quite significant, and coupled with receiving is exposing. If you do not expose, which is openness, you cannot receive, for receiving must not be shielding.

Session #1861:

ELIAS: Exposure is an allowance of yourself to not retreat, to not shield, to not defend. It is an allowance of yourself to genuinely express yourself without fear and without discounting yourself. It is a genuine expression of openness and vulnerability. It is not an expression of confession. It is not an expression that you must bare yourself to the world. It is a comfort within yourself, an acceptance within yourself that you no longer deem it necessary to protect yourself, and therefore no longer incorporate fear. It is an expression of not hiding.

Session #1393:

ELIAS: Now; I may express to you also another identification. If this is what you want as a genuine want, I may express to you a suggestion that you examine your association with receiving and exposure, for you may not receive without exposure in any manner. For receiving requires openness, and receiving is very significant if you choose to be generating that type of expression. Your association is that you are giving, but in this, you may be expressing yourself but you also must be incorporating a willingness to be receiving, for this is the key. e for new entries where appropriate.

Session #1449:

ELIAS: Exposure….an allowance of your own expression and an allowance of yourself to be expressing freely and not restraining yourself and restricting yourself.


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