A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Energy Deposit

Session #232:

ELIAS: “Within consciousness, you create energy deposits. You create them within your own physical location of your home of your own energy, and collectively you create them in many areas upon your planet for different reasons, and different individuals are drawn to different tones of energy deposits. Some individuals are drawn to energy deposits that they connect to within physical locations of your oceans; some within your deserts; some within your mountains; some within grazing lands. The largest energy deposit that you have created collectively upon your planet is that which you term to be your Bermuda Triangle.

Session #148:

ELIAS: We have spoken previously of what you may encounter within energy and identify of individuals within the action of transition. You may intersect and incorporate a deposit of energy of this individual. You do not intersect the individual themselves, but you may intersect the energy of the individual as an energy deposit within consciousness. You may also connect with another focus, paralleling in cooperation with this focus and with this energy deposit, which may appear to be what you identify as the individual; although in actuality, it is not

Session #268:

ELIAS: A world view is the overall perspective of an individual focus, the general and specific philosophy of each focus of essence, which in energy is deposited into an area of consciousness which may be accessed by any essence and any focus of essence at any given moment.

… A world view is not only accessible to the focuses that are focused within that particular dimension. It is slightly more difficult for you within this dimension or for another focus within another dimension to access across the veils of dimensions those world views which are deposited by particular focuses within particular dimensions, but it is possible to be accessing, although this be another subject altogether.

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