A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #361:

What do you really mean by trauma? Can you give us a definition or an example?

ELIAS: Trauma incorporates tremendous conflict, but also holds an element of shock. You experience shock when you are confronting yourselves with extreme situations and unfamiliarity. This may be in emotional areas, or mental, or physical. Any area that you present yourself with tremendous unfamiliarity, which may also be triggering of fearfulness, you experience exaggerated conflict in an extreme manner, and this would be designated as trauma.

Session #361:

ELIAS: There are many wondrous elements in this particular dimension to be explored, and this is the offering of this shift in consciousness, but there are also many very strong belief systems which may be creating of great trauma if you are not looking to these belief systems and addressing to them. Already within the beginning throes of this particular time framework of this final year, individuals are beginning to be experiencing trauma. I am not expressing conflict or confusion or distress. I am expressing that individuals are beginning to experience trauma.

In this, I offer you this information that you may be allowing yourselves to not be experiencing trauma, for as these waves in consciousness increase and gain momentum, their strength increases, and they shall be slapping upon the shores of your realities, and this shall be creating of trauma if you are not paying attention.

You shall be viewing many individuals surrounding you that are experiencing tremendous elements within their focuses much fearfulness, much trauma, much conflict and in addressing to yourselves and in knowing yourselves and allowing yourselves the acceptance and trust of self, you shall be not merely providing yourselves with the elimination of this trauma, but providing lending of energy to other individuals within consciousness to lessen the element of trauma with them.

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