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Session #1250:

ELIAS: Yes, associated with your energy and what you project within your energy centers. The combination of these energy centers creates the energy field, which incorporates all of these energies and does express that type of aura, so to speak.

DEBI: It looks so structured though, as if Id put together the most magnificent stained glass that ever existed in the imagination.

ELIAS: I am understanding, for in a manner of speaking it is likened to a mosaic. For dependent upon the energy that you are projecting with each energy center, it creates different patterns within your energy field which is, in a manner of speaking, a type of mosaic.

Session #1453:

ELIAS: "Therefore, my suggestion is that you connect with each other and create your mosaic, so to speak, each contributing your own pieces to the puzzle, and this shall offer you the picture."

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Private Session (unpublished):

Syl: In our last session, you used the word 'mosic in reference to my specific intent…you know, like taking data from various philosophies to create a mosaic. Could you explain, from your point of view, the term 'mosaic'?

Elias: Very well. The concept of the mosaic is to piece together different expressions…..different perceptions….different directions and different explorations…..in a manner which it is not merely a compilation, but it creates it's own scene, so to speak. For in the incorporation of all of these differences, creating the mosaic is the action of incorporating all of these pieces that surfacely appear to be different and discovering the similarities…all of them….and placing them into your scene in a manner in which they are all a complement of each other. And, therefore, create their own independent direction in the placement of them together.

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