A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #151:

A ‘want’ is a belief system! You only want what you do not have, for you are influenced by belief systems which tell you that what you have is not adequate or that your experience is not adequate. Therefore, you ‘want’ a different experience.

This is a direct influence of belief systems. If you are accepting that you are manifest for experience, and if you are trusting in your choices of probabilities and trusting of self, you eliminate want.

But as you are not accepting of self and of experience, you translate into the belief system of wanting, for you translate into the belief system of ‘better.’

There is something beyond or better than what you experience presently. Although within your drama you experience the illusion, for you do not allow yourself the experience of the now. You experience what you perceive to be already created or not yet created.

Session #145:

You confuse yourself in not distinguishing between wants and desires. Your wants are objective, and they are very physically oriented. Your desire is subjective and may be translated physically and objectively, but it bears little resemblance to your objective wants.

The objective wants that you experience are motivated by thought processes that you have held for much time period within this focus, as we have discussed previously. These wants are driven and perpetuated by a lack of trustfulness of self, a lack of acknowledgment of worthiness.

Therefore, you consume yourself with these wants and you hop onto your hamster wheel and run, run, run, run, run, chasing these elusive wants and also thwarting these wants in light of your subjective desire. Therefore, you battle still.

Session #375:

Your wants do not always follow your desire. Your desire is that movement which follows your intent, and many times your desire is a subjective element. Your want is always an objective element.

Your want may not necessarily follow your desire, and therefore you may not necessarily be creating of your want. But if you are creating within your intent, following your desire and not creating a conflict in this area, you may be actualizing any of your wants within your objective awareness.

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