A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



This is one of the essence families.

Session #67:

ELIAS: We move to your next family, in your color of orange. This will be the family of Gramada. They are organizers. They are initiators. They bear great creativity. They possess an ability to connect with world views of other essences.

These individuals may be what you view to be great artists, or musicians, or architects, or physicists; individuals whose ideas are initiating and original; individuals who express to your world information that they have connected with through essence, and have the ability to translate into your physical languages. Individuals within the family of Gramada possess the ability to connect with this element of consciousness, for these individuals disconnect from their physically focused accomplished consciousness, and allow this to be offered to your world.

It may be tapped into at any moment; but few individuals possess the ability, within their physical consciousness, to connect with these world views; this being why certain individuals may feel a great affinity and an underlying understanding of concepts that have been expressed by previous individuals, such as our Einstein. These individuals may not consciously understand the concepts that have been expressed forth, but they identify. There is a connection. They are also initiators in the modem of expressing original ideas for efficiency. They may not always be focused upon by other individuals as being responsible for their ideas, for they choose not to be within the spotlight, so to speak. They are comfortable being "behind your scenes", but they offer the originality of ideas.

These individuals, on a grander scale, are the ones responsible for establishment of your societies, your governments, your institutions, your religions. Others "take up" the work and establishment of these elements, but this family projects the original; the idea; the concept; the information.

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