A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #753:

ELIAS: The personality is a structure of expressional type. It is the identification, in part, of the expression of the individual in a construct, so to speak.

The personality is, in a manner of speaking, the blueprint of the expression, and influencing of the manner in which the individual shall structure their experience in relation to their engagement and interaction with their communications of self.

Now; the manner in which you engage your communications with self also influences your expression outwardly and how you interact with other individuals. The personality is quite interactive with the different expressions of communication, and in the individuality and uniqueness of each individual, you may express some qualities in similarity to each other. This is the identification of personality types.

But even within the expressions of personality types, each individual expresses a uniqueness to themselves in their blueprint of the individual personality, which is your expression of all of your communications. Therefore, it is also quite influencing of the mechanism of perception.

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