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Session #399:

ELIAS: Individuals choose, each, their own triggers and their own methods to be engaging what they wish to be attending to within their focus. Some individuals may allow themselves to be procrastinating within certain areas for much time period. But they shall create this type of action merely to a point as do you and once that point has been engaged, the turn shall also engage. This is quite different from the action of creating patterns in repeated behavior, which reinforces shrines.

This is merely the method that you have chosen to motivate yourself to be moving into addressing to certain belief systems and movements. For within your focus, you value and magnate to drama as a moth to a flame. And in this, if you are not creating the drama, you are not motivating yourself to be creating movement. Therefore, you shall build to your crescendo, and once you have attained this crescendo, then you view it is time to move on.

There is no element that is wrong with this method. It is merely a method. It is a choice. Each individual, as I have stated, creates their own method and their own choices of how they shall motivate themselves to be moving in their particular directions and creating their motivations for their own movement.

This is merely the choice that you have created, which I express to you, do not be chiding yourself for your creation of this type of movement, for it is quite efficient within your focus, is it not?

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