A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #1174:

ELIAS: Awareness is your knowledge, information that you present to yourself and assimilate and therefore generate knowing, knowledge. Attention is you.

Session #1290:

ELIAS: Awareness is what acknowledges or recognizes the information that attention receives.

Session #1290:

ELIAS: In any one moment you may be moving your attention to yourself incorporating an action of tidying your home or engaging a meal, and your attention may also be directed to your small one and what is being expressed, and you may be aware of your television or your recordings. You may be aware of alterations within light within your room. All of these actions are occurring simultaneously, and you are aware of all of them simultaneously.

Each expression of that awareness is a movement of an aspect of your attention in a different direction. In similar manner as essence, there are numberless attentions that are being expressed simultaneously. Incorporating an awareness of ANY of these expressions does not diminish you as you, and you cannot separate any of those attentions or any of those awarenesses from you as you.

VERONICA: Because they’re all you.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, you do not absorb any of these awarenesses into yourself to incorporate yourself as your whole self, correct? You already are your whole self. You are merely moving your attention to incorporate awarenesses objectively – the difference of attention and awareness: receiving the information and acknowledging, recognizing.

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