A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #560:

ELIAS: You are also allowing yourself to view how you are creating in relation to your beliefs.

Now; view your identification. You are moving in the expression of identifying your experiences as absolutes, and therefore, they shall be creating the same outcome as you move in similar direction. This is the belief, for you identify your experiences as absolutes.

LYNDA: Right. I don’t know how else to identify them.

ELIAS: I am directing your attention to the now, and expressing to you that your experiences are not absolutes. Your experiences are ever-changing, and are created through your perception within the moment. Therefore, they are not locked into certain expressions.

But as you identify your experiences as absolutes, you create very similar outcomes, in a manner of speaking, in similar situations, and this is the identification of the action of shrines — the development and creation of patterns which are created in conjunction with experiences, and your beliefs concerning those experiences, and your assessment of what you are creating, and your perception of what you are creating and what you have been creating and what you shall be creating.

This is the construction of your shrines, and how you perpetuate them and continue to contribute to them and adorn them [is] by continuing to view your experiences as absolutes, and therefore creating the development of patterns, in conjunction with those experiences, with an expected outcome.

Session #232:

ELIAS: I have expressed previously to other individuals that individuals create patterns within themselves within physical focus, creating shrines. And in this they push these shrines away from themselves into areas that you consider to be unconscious – which are not unconscious, for there is no unconscious, but within your terms you consider them to be unconscious.

And in this, you place very carefully these shrines of your so-called past experiences and patterns of behavior into this area. In this, you remind yourself of these so-called past events that you have built quite glamorous shrines to, that you hold fearfulness within, and you pull these shrines to yourself every so often and view them.

You view a physical situation within your present situations and it triggers an element of this shrine, to which you automatically unlock the safe that contains this shrine and pull your shrine, that you may view once again and reinforce your own fearfulness.

Session #268:

ELIAS: Therefore, there is held two very strong situations in this area; one being the viewing and dismantling of these shrines, which are created by very strongly-held issues within the self that are chosen not to be addressed to but continue to be reinforced and built upon – quite ornately, I must add – and also, the element of choosing physical aspects of genetics in entering into this focus, that this may be also reinforcing of the situation of the shrines not viewed.

Session #319:

ELIAS: Shrines are not elements that individuals are unaware of. They are elements that you have created within your focus based upon patterns of experience, so to speak, that you hold within your focus, and you do not allow a free expression of energy in these areas.

Many, many individuals within physical focus hold shrines. In actuality, there are few individuals within physical focus that do not create shrines, for they hold experiences that they view to be negative or disturbing to them, and within their experiences they create patterns of repeated experiences in some areas.

And in this they are creating of what I term to be shrines, adding to these experiences and holding to the energy of these experiences, not allowing the energy to flow freely.

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