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The way Elias puts it, there is a difference between want and desire. Desire is what motivates you within your intent, a subjective movement. A want is an objective expression which is based on a perception of lack.

Session #375:

ELIAS: Your wants do not always follow your desire. Your desire is that movement which follows your intent, and many times your desire is a subjective element. Your want is always an objective element. Your want may not necessarily follow your desire, and therefore you may not necessarily be creating of your want. But if you are creating within your intent, following your desire and not creating a conflict in this area, you may be actualizing any of your wants within your objective awareness.

Session #331:

ELIAS: I am not expressing desire, for this is a different action, for your desire follows your intent, and this is a different subject matter.

But your wants many times are expressed by your lack of trust and your lack of acceptance, and this is creating of wants.

You WANT an element that you perceive you do not have. Therefore, it is an element to be acquired, but there is no element for you to acquire, for you already hold all of the elements. Therefore, the want is the expression of an area of lack of trust and acceptance within yourself, and this is YOUR expression of the projected energy to another individual or situation.

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Session #9999:

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Abraham donīt differentiate between desire and want. According to their teachings (cited from the "Ask and it is Given" book) desires are:

Abraham: The natural result of living in a contrasting enviroment.


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