A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Blinking In/Out

Session #71:

ELIAS: We have spoken of blinking in and out of this dimension; this being how you also focus within other dimensions, and continue your interaction with all of your other focuses simultaneously to this particular focus.

Session #72:

ELIAS: When I speak to you of blinking in and out of existence upon this planet, I do not speak in the same manner that I express of your blinking in and out of consciousness; for the species may blink in for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and blink out for many thousands of years also. Consciousness is never destroyed. It does not become extinct. It is not annihilated. It only changes. It may change form, it may change dimension; but it does not disappear.

Session #280:

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you as individuals blink in and out continuously. You blink so quickly that your ‘in’ time, which you are aware of, seems completely uninterrupted. You are unaware objectively of your ‘out’ time. As you blink out, you are interactive with other dimensions, but your attention moves to this dimension. I mention this to you, for your planet and your existence upon this planet also blinks in and out.

Your sciences express that your world holds a definite age. Your sciences do not allow for much information within consciousness that they may not hold evidence physically of, although as your time progresses they discover more and more physical evidences that are inconsistent with their original beliefs. Your particular planet is much, much older than your sciences believe. It has blinked in and blinked out many times.

In this, you as a species have occupied this particular ‘blink in’ for much longer than you realize. In this, I have expressed previously that even within what you now term to be your Americas, your existence of your species extends beyond fifty thousand years previous to this present now. Your sciences shall be recovering evidences of this, and are in the process of these discoveries presently.

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