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It Matters Not

The term "it matters not" appears quite often in the sessions. It is a synonym for lack of judgment and therefore for acceptance, meaning that outside the context of personal preference it matters not which experience an individual chooses.

Session #278:

ELIAS: (Humorously) Shall I express to you the secret of physical focus, the secret of acceptance of a belief system, the meaning of life? You shall be the first! I shall offer it personally to you, and you may express this to the multitudes! The secret is … it matters not!

Session #1166:

ELIAS: It matters not that your partner chooses not to engage this forum. It matters not that your partner may engage a different philosophy from yourself. What matters is that you allow yourself to not incorporate the expression of being threatened by difference, that you allow yourself the freedom of your expression of yourself without limitation, not concerning yourself with the choices or the expressions of other individuals — this is not the same as not caring — but not concerning yourself and therefore attempting to twist your choices to be accommodating other individuals’ choices.

But it is easily confused with indifference or can be misunderstood in the form that experience is meaningless. This has lead to a clarification by Elias (which can appear like a paradox) in that he stated that when he says "it matters not" it does not mean that nothing matters.

Session #1532:

ELIAS: You devalue in expressing “it matters not,” in a distorted context. I have been expressing this term of “it matters not” from the onset of my interactions with all of you, but I also have expressed the definition that I am not expressing that nothing matters.

But in the expression of “it matters not,” it is the lack of a judgment, the recognition that there is no judgment in association with certain choices or any choices, but not that choices do not matter, merely that they are not judged.

But obviously they do matter, for the choices that you engage set your directions, and if you are incorporating certain choices in certain directions you may be expressing intrusiveness.

Session #1368:

CURTIS: I've been incorporating the "it matters not" energy and trying to see things from a larger perspective, and it's made me kind of wishy-washy and ambiguous about things, and not really…

ELIAS: (Strongly) I am understanding, and let me clarify. This is a misunderstanding and a distortion of what I have expressed throughout the entire time framework of this forum. I express to you, in the acceptance of a belief your expression shall be that it matters not, for you have removed the judgment. I have NOT expressed to you that nothing matters, which is quite different. There is purpose. There is experience. There is exploration. There is interaction and cooperation. The expression that it matters not is merely the identification of the removal of judgment, not that there is no matter.

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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