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Session #777:

ELIAS: Imagination is the expression of tapping into what is known within consciousness, channeling that information which is known into this area of consciousness that you recognize as objective awareness, and translating it into what is recognized and may fit within your understanding of your physical reality.

Session #20:

ELIAS: You have been taught that imagination is not real. It is what you term ‘pretend.’ This is incorrect, for in your consciousness, that part of which you are not aware, all of your reality originates in imagination. What you perceive consciously as imagination or pretending is a mirror image of your essence and its thoughts, this being the most creative part of your essence.

Imagination is incorporated in all physical developmental focuses. It is incorporated in all dimensions and is incorporated in all non-physical focuses. It is a wonderfully glorious tool! All of your plans, all of your desires, all of your motivation comes from imagination.

Session #1116:

ELIAS: Intuition and imagination – imagination is a quite creative avenue of communication. Generally, imagination shall be expressed more colorfully. Intuition generally moves through a feeling, so to speak, therefore is more closely associated with emotional communications, although it is not an emotional communication. Imagination moves more closely associated with thought, but thought is not a communication.

Session #1574:

JENS: Imagination?

ELIAS: Yes, to allow yourself to incorporate this communication. Regardless of what you generate in images or senses, it matters not, for merely allowing yourself to engage this communication allows an openness in energy. Many different actions occur as you allow yourself to engage this communication.

Daydreaming is a form of this communication, in which you allow yourself an openness to drift. The challenge is that most individuals as adults discount imagination quite strongly. They do not allow themselves to engage it, they do not allow themselves to listen. And they do not allow themselves to be playful, and that generates a thick energy, and it also is restrictive.

In engaging imagination, you automatically dissipate that thickness in energy, and you automatically generate more of an openness and you begin to generate an allowance, which we have discussed many times, which I am aware is a difficult challenge with yourself. In this, it also automatically stimulates other communications. It automatically stimulates impressions. It generates inspiration, which automatically triggers motivation.

And although what you may imagine may appear to be entirely unrelated in imagery to what you think you want, you may be quite surprised how much information is expressed in these images that you view to be fantasy. There is much information.

Session #1196:

ELIAS: Imagination expresses a type of communication that generates inspiration and expresses a strong link, in a manner of speaking, with your creativity. It is an avenue of communication that loosens your associations with rigidness. In a manner of speaking, it is your objective expression of communication that similarly reflects dream expressions.

In your dream state, so to speak, you relax your associations with your beliefs, and you relax your associations with rigidness within your physical reality. Therefore, you allow yourself more flexibility and you allow yourself to create much more fluid or flexible imagery. You allow yourself to bend time much more easily; you allow yourself much more of a freedom in physical movement; at times you allow yourselves to fly within dream imagery. This imagery is quite real. It is no less real than waking imagery that you generate.

Imagination is a type of reflection of that type of expression of imagery that is generated in dream state, in which your associations with your beliefs and your rigidness is relaxed much more. Therefore, you offer yourself many more different types of expressions or imagery or ideas which generate an expression of inspiration. The difficulty or the challenge that is incorporated is in listening to that form of communication and not discounting it.

Session #1499:

ELIAS: […]perhaps sideways into what you term to be fantasy, which is not necessarily fantasy but is listening to your communication of imagination, which steps you sideways into other areas of consciousness which you are communicating to yourself from.

In that action, it is inspiring, for that is the action of the communication of imagination, to be motivating and to be inspiring of you to be exploring more freely in other areas. If you are fantasizing, in actuality many times what you are actually doing in that communication is allowing yourself to tap into other areas of consciousness in which other manifestations are quite real, which is significant and important, for how that generates inspiration is you thusly translate into your reality in different manners and that inspires you to manifest different expressions within your reality.

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