A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



This is one of the essence families.

Session #67:

ELIAS: Moving to your color of indigo; this will be represented with the family of Tumold. These are the healers. These individuals may manifest within medical professions, they may be mystical healers, they may be cultural healers. These healers incorporate a vast territory, so to speak, for healing may be incorporated within any element of focus. It does not only incorporate physical healing of ailments. It may be spiritual healing. It may be psychological healing. It may be physical healing.

These you will find in all walks of life, so to speak. You may find your garbage man to be of the family of Tumold; for "it matters not" what their physical manifestation may be, or their occupation, for they possess the inner ability to be healing. Many times, they incorporate merely vibrational qualities that are expressed by their very being, and need never implement any physical manifestation of what you view to be healing. Their presence itself is healing to all they touch.

They also incorporate, within this healing family, alignments with organizations. They do recognize the power of the collective consciousness. They may not always understand this inner knowing, and they may not physically express this, manifest within connections of the collective consciousness, but they possess an alignment vibrationally; which, if allowing themselves to be "tapping into", they possess great power in these areas.

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