A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Elias Glossary[?]:

IMPRESSION: a communication/presentment with yourself. An impression is a balance between intellect and intuition, and shall always spark a thought and/or a feeling. You receive the impression and you allow your intellect to place within a category. Impressions give you information about your essence families and their action.

Session #1056:

ELIAS: An impression is a communication to yourself. It may not necessarily appear initially to be rational or logical, and it may also appear within your rational thought process to be an expression of imagination. But what you do not recognize within your beliefs is that imagination is also a communication and quite real. What you may imagine in some expression of consciousness is.

Therefore, as you offer yourself information and you generate an impression that may translate into a feeling or an image or a thought, in allowing yourself to become familiar with this inner language and trusting that inner language, as bizarre as it may seem to you objectively, you are offering yourself information.

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