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Paying attention

Paying attention is mostly used in conjunction or as a synonym for noticing (noticing what you are doing), both often in relation to automatic responses, signals or communication.

The key point in that is, that we are most of the time not aware what we are doing and that we are living mostly on auto-pilot. According to Elias it is not that our reactions (or anything for that matter) are unconscious, but that we are merely not paying attention what we are communicating to ourselves and what we are doing/choosing and why.

Session #1225:

ELIAS: ELIAS: This is the significance of paying attention to automatic responses. As I have recently expressed to other individuals similarly, for the most part you are unaware objectively of most of what you do and what influences what you do within your day. You may express moments in which you are aware and paying attention to yourself in the now within a day, but generally speaking, you generate automatic pilot and you do not hold your attention upon yourself. You do not pay attention to what you are actually doing and what influences what you are doing in the now.

Session #1589:

ELIAS: This is the reason that it is important to be paying attention to what you are actually doing. This is very significant, for this is where your information lies and how you begin to evaluate what your automatic responses are, what your choices are, what the influences of your beliefs are, by paying attention to what you are actually doing, what you are actually expressing, what type of energy you are projecting, what communications you are expressing to yourself. All of these actions are important, and the one that you are the most unfamiliar with is actually genuinely paying attention to what you are doing.

Session #983:

ELIAS: Now; you may not necessarily objectively be aware of your direction in any particular time framework. But what you are choosing objectively, as the objective and the subjective are in harmony, reflects your direction. Therefore, if you are paying attention to what you are choosing, you offer yourself much clearer information as to how you are creating and, in your terms, the infamous question, WHY you are creating.

More Quotes:

Session #1970:

ELIAS: (Enunciating slowly and extra clearly) PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING. This is the official formula! Ha ha!

Session #1114:

ELIAS: How may you generate what you want if you are not paying attention to the now and you are not allowing yourself permission to create that now? You shall wait and wait and wait and wait, for what you create in the now is what creates the future. The future is an illusion. There is no future. What is, is now. If your concentration moves to waiting, you shall continue to generate waiting. Each day that you continue to express to yourself that you are not good enough YET, you continue to reinforce this discounting of yourself and you do not generate what you want. This is the significance of paying attention to you, familiarizing yourself with you, knowing what beliefs are influencing of your perception — which creates your actual reality — and paying attention to the now, being aware of what you are generating, expressing and creating NOW in each moment. I am aware that this appears to all of you to be insignificant. “What am I generating now, in this moment? It matters not. I am doing nothing.” Incorrect, you ARE choosing.

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