A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Value Fulfillment

Session #244:

ELIAS: All of consciousness, to the extreme of each atom, each link of consciousness, exists within the intent, so to speak, of individual value fulfillment. This is to be the most fulfilled expression of its being. Therefore, its purpose is in its own beingness.

Session #264:

NORM: Alright, then Iím looking for the value fulfillments. What are the categories of value fulfillments?

ELIAS: There is no category for value fulfillment either. Value fulfillment is the natural action of your existence. It is the action of becoming.

NORM: Well, then thereís only one value fulfillment: becoming.

ELIAS: But this becoming is influenced by your choice of your individual intent.

NORM: Which satisfies the value fulfillment.

ELIAS: Correct.

Session #1270:

ELIAS: Understanding what you value is another element of becoming familiar with yourself and with your preferences and with your beliefs. Every action that you incorporate within your reality is influenced by a belief. There is NO movement that you engage within this particular physical reality that is not influenced by a belief.

You express beliefs continuously throughout every moment of every day of your existence physically within this physical dimension, and ALL of those expressions are of your value fulfillment: actions that you may incorporate expressing a physical affectingness within your body consciousness, or it may be an action associated with relationships; it may be associated with interactions with other individuals.

It may merely be in association with yourselves that you deem to be uncomfortable or even painful [that] are also expressions of your value fulfillment, or you would not be creating them. They are choices.

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