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According to Elias sexuality is a belief system.

As to Elias there are five aspects which define and affect our sexuality in a physical focus: two genders: male, female and and three orientations: common, intermediate, soft.

Session #381:

ELIAS: Gender is one element of sexuality. As I have stated, it is merely a body type and function. It refers to no other element of your sexual orientation or your sexuality in general, so to speak.


Now; I have expressed to you previously — within our last meeting — that you may view your sexuality as holding five elements: two genders, three orientations. This is five elements, in like manner to five outer senses, and I shall repeat once again, they may NOT be interchanged. You may not place a triangular peg into a round hole. It shall not fit. You may not interchange gender with orientation. You may not substitute taste with hearing. You may not identify orientation with gender. They are very different elements.


As you enter physical focus and physically manifest within this dimension, you choose a physical body type and function, a gender. You also choose an orientation. The orientation may fit to either gender. All three of the orientations may fit with either gender.

Elias comments on the two genders:

Session #381:

I express to you, gender is not a belief. You are male or you are female. You do not believe yourselves to be male or female; you are. Your function within each gender is not a belief. It is a function. It is outside of beliefs, although you influence your function of your gender quite strongly through your beliefs.

Females function — within body type in that particular gender — in cycles and have created extensive beliefs in conjunction to these cycles, much of which is very unnecessary but is quite real, for you have created it to be your reality, and you have created this reality through your perception.

Males hold a specific function within the male gender and body type. The function of male may be quite affected in many different areas of performance, so to speak, entirely influenced by beliefs. Your function is affected by your beliefs of what you consume. If you believe you are consuming the wrong foods, you shall affect your physical functioning. If you believe you are consuming substances that shall enhance physical performance in any area, you shall create an enhancement of your physical performance. This is not necessarily your natural body function. It is quite influenced through your beliefs, and it is created by your perception.

Elias comments on the three orientations:

Session #381:

As to any of these three orientations being an expression of healthy or not healthy, right or wrong, good or bad, no. They are all merely orientations. They are not good or bad, they are not right or wrong, they are not healthy or unhealthy. They merely are. They are a choice, a choice of a particular type of perception that shall be the lens in a particular focus in which you view yourself and your world and how you shall create your reality in that particular focus.

Elias explaines that in our dimension sexuality and emotion are chosen to be the base elements of all our creations.

Session #381

ELIAS: There are other dimensions that do create an element of sexuality as quite influencing of their reality, but this particular dimension has chosen these two elements of sexuality and emotion to be the base line elements of your creation within this dimension. All of your reality is involved with these two elements.


There are many elements of your reality in this dimension, but they are all influenced by these two elements.

This is an exceedingly complex dimension and there are many facets of this physical reality — more than many other physical realities — but all of your reality is influenced by these two base elements

Elias comments on how sexuality, perception and emotion are influencing all of our creations (whereas perception is to a big extent influenced by our orientation, which is an aspect of our sexuality)

Session #381:

ELIAS: Now; the elements that create this physical objective awareness are your sexuality and emotion. Your sexuality creates what you may term to be the solidness of your reality, the physical elements, the energy movement within your physical reality. Your emotions color your perception. Your emotion adds the hues. You may view your sexuality to be — in a manner of speaking — the color blue, and your emotions are all of the variations, all of the hues of that color. There are countless colors of blue within the color of blue. All of the shades are the emotion. The color itself is your sexuality. It is what you have created to be you in this physical dimension.


Now you may begin to view the complexity of your sexuality — and the extensiveness, in a very small expression — in that your sexuality expands far beyond your physical gender and what you identify as actions concerning sexuality, for it is all of your reality, all of your perception.

Elias answer to the question why we’ve created a stigma around sex.

Session #255 (The Sex Session):

ELIAS: Within essence, there is no gender. Within essence, there are no taboos. Within essence, there is no right or wrong. Within your belief systems that you have created within this dimension, you separate. Therefore, you separate into creations of genders. Within your manifestations, in agreeing to participate within this dimension for the sexual experience, you choose to be creating within three manifestations at the least for those experiences: one being male, one being female, one being homosexual. Within these experiences you have created many belief systems, but these belief systems serve to separate you from the remembrance of essence, therefore allowing you the purity of the experience. If you are not holding the belief systems of the taboos of homosexuality, for example, you shall not allow yourself the purity of the experience.

Also, you hold belief systems that serve as motivation for you. If you are being instructed that any element is taboo, it creates an automatic fascination within you. Therefore, you are motivated to explore. You move beyond your confines and limitations of duplicity and you allow yourself permission to explore these areas that are taboo. Although you may be exploring privately and to your thinking secretly, you continue to be motivated to explore.

In an instance that any individual expresses to you, ‘You may not do this,’ you shall automatically naturally within you respond with, ‘I SHALL do this,’ for within essence you hold a knowing that there is no element that may be denied to you. You also hold the knowing that there is no right or wrong. This provides you, in spite of your belief systems, a very strong motivation to move into areas that are denied to you as resulting of your belief systems.

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