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Elias often uses this word in conjunction with concerning in order to to avoid possible misconceptions in relation to that word. According to him, caring is a natrual expression of essence and is a symbol for interconnectedness or lack of separation.

Session #1398:

ELIAS: Caring is a natural expression that you incorporate. This is a natural flow of energy, of interconnectedness. It is a recognition of interconnectedness, that you are not actually separated from all that is within your reality, regardless of the appearance of it in your individual manifestations. There is more than merely your individual manifestations, and this expression of caring springs from that knowing of interconnectedness.

Session #1105:

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you that you do not CARE in relation to other individuals. This is a natural expression of essence.

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Session #529:

RODNEY: So what you’re saying is that if an individual is freezing to death on the street, whether or not I give this person something to keep them warm, a coat or a blanket or a wrap, whether or not I do that is really not the issue that you’re talking about, because that would be simply a matter of choice.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: What you’re talking about is my viewing this person on the sidewalk freezing as being a victim, and therefore experiencing something that is bad and unacceptable.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: And if I am viewing that person freezing as unacceptable, then I am saying to myself that if I were in that person’s place, the experience would be unacceptable, and in a sense, in doing that, I am reinforcing my lack of acceptance of my own experience.

ELIAS: Correct. I am expressing to you to be examining automatic responses, and therefore examining the motivation in them.

You may approach an individual that you perceive to be freezing upon your street, and you may be offering helpfulness to them in offering a covering that shall be physically warming to them. But in this action, examine to yourself your motivation.

Are you incorporating this action for the reason that you have engaged an interaction with the other individual, and that you empathically recognize that in their interaction with you, they are engaging a request that you may be sharing of this covering with them, and you shall experience together? Or are you offering the covering for the reason that this shall create a suggestion within yourself that you are good and worthy, for you are expressing compassion to another individual of less circumstance than yourself?

RODNEY: Right. These are the questions.

ELIAS: Correct. (Short pause)

In the expression of essence, of which you are moving into in the action of this shift in consciousness, your interaction with other individuals, your interaction with other essences, is in recognition that ALL is acceptable, and there is no necessity for judgment upon any manifestation, any element of reality, any choice of experience, but merely to be appreciating of the exploration of experiences together in a lack of separation.

Session #529:

ELIAS: Yes. I shall also express to you that within this time framework, there are many, many expressions objectively being created of trauma and of conflict and confusion, and in this, there are many expressions that may be incorporating that which you identify in your definitions as compassion for all that is being expressed within the trauma which is associated with this shift in consciousness.

In this, you move quite easily into the disguise or the camouflage of nobility in the assessment that you are offering helpfulness and the expression of compassion to other individuals which are in need, so to speak. But I shall suggest to you that you may offer yourselves movement into a new angle of thought which shall motivate you into a different avenue of expression.

And in this, as you view other individuals experiencing those expressions within their reality, of painfulness, of sorrow, of suffering, of trauma, of distress, you may allow yourselves to be recognizing this as an experience — without judgment — and if so choosing to be participating in these expressions, be inquiring of yourselves how you may be interactive without judgment and without the devaluation of the choice of the other individual.

For in your rescue, you are creating the outward, objective expression of devaluation of the choice of another individual or group of individuals, for you are expressing to them objectively that their choice is inadequate, insufficient, incorrect, unacceptable.

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