A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



One aspect of the shift in consciousness is a redefinition of terms, which subsequently will alter reality and allow more freedom by loosening the grip which beliefs have on us by recognizing that things are not as rigid as we believe them to be.

Session #724:

ELIAS: Now; I have expressed to you that in the action of this shift in consciousness, much of your objective reality is and shall be altering, even expressions that have become quite familiar to you and established within your reality concerning your governments, your countries, your interactions with each other in mass associations. Many of your identifications of what you have viewed as the norm, and as you have stated, as absolutes, are altering. You are redefining your reality!

I have expressed throughout this time framework of this year that you now begin the objective insertion of this shift in consciousness into your officially accepted reality, and in this, you are redefining your reality.

This is not an overall, general expression in vagueness, but quite pointedly in specifics, in every area of your reality, as you turn your attention and begin redefining all of the aspects of your physical reality and how you create it and interact with it.

Session #871:

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, as I have quite recently, this is another aspect of movement that is occurring presently in alignment with the movement of this shift in consciousness and how it is being inserted into your objective reality now.

For the manner in which it becomes inserted into your objective officially accepted reality in your dimension is to be recognizing your definitions of terms, allowing yourselves to move into a wider awareness objectively, redefine your terms, and therefore move your perception into redefining your actual physical reality and this begins with the redefining of your terms.

Session #867:

ELIAS: This is in actuality an opportunity for you to be allowing yourself to not merely become more intimately familiar with your own defined terms, but also to be allowing yourself a new expression of freedom in allowing yourself, in your examination, to be redefining and therefore allowing yourself a new opening to much more choice.

In expressing the rigidness of holding to your alignment with certain beliefs, you also now, in your desire to be genuinely moving in an objective expression of this shift in consciousness, allow yourself to present to yourself a recognition of the strength of these beliefs, but also present to yourself the equal strength of the expression of freedom as you move in redefining these terms, and therefore turning your perception in redefining your reality and how you create it.

More Quotes:

Session #1799:

ELIAS: What are you doing with terms and with your reality?

KC: Redefining.

ELIAS: Correct, redefining. You are redefining your reality and the terms that you express in association with your reality. In redefining terms you redefine perception.


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