A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



This is one of the essence families.

Session #67:

ELIAS: Your third color of yellow; this essence represents the family of Vold. […] This family would be focused upon by you as being reformers. They are not interested in the status quo. Their main objective is change. They are not satisfied with elements of existence continuing along the same direction. They change themselves, they change where their location is, they change elements around them, they change societies, they change governments, they change your world! They are a restless group. They also are very, very emotional. They are quite passionate, this being their motivating force behind their changing. They are never satisfied with elements being what they are, for their passion and their emotion runs very deep. They are great connectors with other individuals, for they also incorporate tremendous compassion and understanding.

These individuals are very strongly focused within their dream abilities. They also possess very strong precognitive abilities. They may not be aware, or acknowledge these inner senses that they possess, but in connecting with these inner senses, may develop them to great extremes.

They possess inner knowings of probabilities. They possess an understanding of probabilities. They will connect with information concerning the probabilities of all things, and how they work. They do not incorporate this information intellectually. They draw this information through feelings. They may not always possess the capability of expressing to other individuals their inner knowing, for they may not understand how to be translating this into intellectual expression; but they know within their feeling.

They also, within this passion and great emotional focus, confuse themselves much; for they strive, within physical focus, to be translating elements that they may not translate into thought. They are in many ways, within physical focus, trying to conform to accepted realities, especially within your present times, which allows small amount of room, within your civilizations, for the knowing that they possess within feelings.

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