A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #26:

ELIAS: You will be aware immediately if you are experiencing an impulse, or if you are experiencing only a thought or a physical desire. The difference is your essence speaking to you, for you. Your impulses will not be incorporating conflict, for your impulses will be your essence speaking to you and your essence only speaks to you in what you term a positive manner. It does not create conflict. If you are putting yourself in a situation which is creating conflict, this is not an impulse. If you are incorporating an impulse and it results in another individual’s conflict, then that individual must deal with its own conflict with itself. You are not the cause. Their belief systems are the cause.

VICKI: So, I guess the trick is to really be able to identify what is an impulse.

ELIAS: This is correct. This is why I have expressed to you, to begin with small impulses. I am understanding that individuals feeling or thinking that they are adults in their focus, and intelligent, may be viewing my expression of this as very elementary; but I am also aware that they do not even understand what their impulses are. If they cannot identify … (tape change) Shall I be repeating of our last sentence? (Vicki says, “Sure!”) If they are not incorporating or identifying their small impulses, then they will not be trusting of their large or important ones. This will only serve to validate your psychological information that you may not trust your impulses, for those are the “base” side of yourself, this being quite incorrect. Your impulses are your language. They are your essence speaking to you. They will not betray you, and they will not create conflict within you, and they will not create negativity.

Your psychology has taught you very well that your impulses are exactly opposite to this concept. They are not to be trusted, for this is your “animal instinct.” As I have expressed, instinct being only a repeated action to the point of not thinking about this action any longer, which you may verify by “looking it up.” Human instincts are created by your twisted belief systems between your psychology and your religion and your sciences, which all teach you that you are not trustworthy. They reinforce your negative instincts, which you incorporate quite well. If you were to follow your impulses as your “baser” instincts or your animal instincts, you may even experience no conflict, as an animal.

VICKI: So, we can think about impulses and instincts as basically the same thing?

ELIAS: This would be a very tricky area. (Smiling) I would be cautious to say yes, only for I understand that you may rationally, in speaking with me in session, understand; but in your everyday life your belief systems creep back in, and your belief systems have been quite influenced by your science and your religion and your psychology, and all of these focuses create belief systems that are untrusting of impulses. Therefore, I would more express to put impulses in their own category, and not be comparing them with elements that you have already formed belief systems in conjunction with.

Session #183:

ELIAS: Impulses are instructional, directional. They are directing you to be moving in certain areas to be accomplishing certain activity. This is your language to yourself from essence, which is ongoing throughout your focus. This occurs continuously.

Session #08:

VICKI: I’m having a problem with identifying impulses.

ELIAS: It is possible you may identify easier with the term urging or drawing, as opposed to impulse. An impulse is not an emotion. When you have an emotion, you feel something. When you experience an impulse, you do not experience a feeling. You do not feel something in the form of an emotion when you wish to buy a car. You may buy the car 'on an impulse'.

Session #10:

ELIAS: You, in your basic state, left alone, will express many impulses. You will act on them. They will not be negative or positive, in themselves. If they are blocked though, they may manifest themselves in an expression as I spoke of before, with respect to a natural geyser of your planet. When its gasses are blocked by your earth, they build up. Then they express themselves in a forceful explosion.

In blocking impulses in any area, or emotions, you will also create this situation within yourselves.

Session #294:

ELIAS: Be listening to your impressions and be recognizing of your impulses, and DO NOT be denying of your impulses! This is your language to yourself from essence, and it is not harmful to you. It naturally moves you into the most efficient directions. But you are taught within your belief systems to be discounting of your impulses and to be suspect of your impulses, for they are bad. They are not! They are your natural language to yourself. Therefore, be listening to this language.

Session #1300:

JOYCE: … How do I recognize an impulse?

ELIAS: Ah! Impulses are expressed differently from impressions. Impressions may be translated by thought. Impulses are generally not translated by thought. They are a type of communication that you offer to yourself which generates an action automatically. You immediately respond to impulses.


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