A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Mass belief systems

Session #102:

ELIAS: As you widen your awareness of belief systems, you also, as you have recently viewed, begin to incorporate an understanding of how your belief systems align with mass belief systems. In this, I shall also express to you that within the area of mass belief systems, you very effectively restrict your individual selves. You have learned to distrust and discount yourselves.

You have learned, through alignment with mass belief systems, that it is unsafe to be expressing of your individuality. Therefore, you ‘squelch’ or you deny your individual talents, creativity, and abilities; for if you are expressing of these abilities individually, you set yourselves apart. You become ‘different.’

Within your mass accepted psychological ‘norm,’ you believe you must be the same. Therefore you hold belief systems the same. You may view yourselves individually. You may express to me, "I do not align with mass belief systems." I shall express to you, you are incorrect! You do hold to mass belief systems. You accept these.

As I have stated, within a widening of awareness, you allow yourselves the perception of your alignment with mass belief systems. In this, you allow yourselves the opportunity to widen these beliefs, and truly be accepting of them, and allow them to fly away.

Session #599:

ELIAS: But be remembering in this, there are many mass belief systems which hold enormous strength in energy, and moving outside of these mass belief systems is a challenge in itself. For the manner in which you move outside of the influence of the mass belief systems is to allow yourself the action of more and more familiarity with yourself and how you align with these mass belief systems. For you are responsive to your individual beliefs.

In this, let me express to you clearly, you shall not be tremendously influenced and responsive – within your perception or how you create your reality – to mass belief systems if you do not align with those mass belief systems. And you may quite easily view objectively those beliefs that you do not align with en masse and those that you do, regardless of your identification within your thought processes, for your behavior shall bear out what you genuinely do hold in beliefs.

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