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In Elias terms frustration is an emotion and therefore a communication which has to do with choice or more precisely with the denial of choice.

Session #774:

ELIAS […] You express an emotion of frustration within yourself, and your attention is focused upon the expressions or behaviors or movements of another individual; and in actuality, the frustration is expressing a communication to you that you have already denied your own choices.

Session #680:

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. Shall we discuss the movement of individuals in relation to emotion, and this particular emotion which seems objectively presently to be affecting of many individuals, that which you identify as anger, in relation to its source emotion, which may be identified as frustration?

Frustration is the outward expression or the objective expression of an individual within the moment that they are creating a narrowing of their perception, which limits their viewing of available choices.

Session #841:

ELIAS: The feeling of frustration is the signal of the emotion, gaining your attention that there is a communication occurring. The communication within frustration is a recognition that you are presenting to yourself in the moment many choices, and you are creating an expression of confusion in that moment concerning the recognition that you hold many choices but you are not choosing.

As I have expressed previously, at times frustration may move into more of an extreme and become the expression of anger, and in that moment you have created, in your terms, losing sight of all of your choices. This is the difference between these emotional communications.

In the moments of the communication of frustration, you are not quite moving in the expression of choosing, but you are recognizing that you hold many choices. You are incorporating confusion, and you are in the moment creating an allowance of the influence of your beliefs that you must be creating the "right" choice. Therefore, there is an influence of duplicity which is occurring in the moment.

Now; this in actuality is a key element concerning frustration, for as I have stated, once again, in the communication of frustration you do recognize that you hold choices. You are not choosing a particular direction in relation to your frustration, for you are allowing the influence of duplicity to be projected to your perception, which expresses to you the confusion in identifying the correct or the right choice, and you become more concerned with the right choice than the choices themselves.

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Session #9999:

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