A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #182:

ELIAS: Think of your fireworks. Visualize your fireworks. Within this action, you shoot into your skies your fireworks, which explode into many, many, many glittering aspects of its one self …

RETA: All encoded the same?

ELIAS: … all at the same time. Think of each projection of twinkling light of these fireworks as a focus of an essence, all occurring simultaneously, all twinkling equally as brightly, and all projecting a manifestation.

The essence chooses a cycle to be entering into, providing it is choosing to be entering into physical focus. As it is choosing each physical dimension, it gathers information of each physical dimension and the elements required for physical manifestation within those dimensions. It accumulates the information of each physical dimension, this particular dimension requiring your genetic encoding for your manifestations simultaneously holding information of other focuses within other dimensions which hold different elements for manifestation. As all of this information is gathered, it is incorporated into essence.

Within your terms, underline, at the moment that essence chooses to be entering into physical dimensions, it explodes into countless focuses or facets. These focuses appear simultaneously within each dimension and within each time element of each dimension, according to the desire of the essence. In this, each twinkling of the firework holds its own individuality and choices.

Therefore, within all of this simultaneous action occurs another simultaneous action, of each focus accumulating, assimilating and manifesting all of its own information which is pertaining to its own individual manifestation; that which it chooses.

Session #819:

ELIAS: Your manifestation in this physical dimension is a game. It is an exploration. It is not one of cosmic seriousness in which you must be viewing your focus as a growth to be attaining particular levels of enlightenment, or in which you must be creating the right choices. Allow yourself the recognition of the game, and that you are creating experiences in this physical dimension as an exploration, an adventure; and be playful. Allow yourself the joyfulness of laughter, the simplicity of what you associate with children. For in your terms, this is the nature of your spirit.

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