A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Body Consciousnes

Session #142:

ELIAS: You view, within your thought process, that your body communicates to you certain functions: You are needing of energy supply, therefore you feel hunger, which is your body's communication to you to be consuming sustenance; you feel urgings that you need be eliminating waste product from your physical expression, and you respond.

In actuality, you subjectively communicate to the body consciousness on a cellular … (Here, I start to crack up because I was very aware that Elias was getting ready to use the word "level") I shall not express "level"! In a cellular communication, you express to the body consciousness elements of maintaining its function. You tell your body to function. It responds by expressing physically to your objective awareness. Therefore, you interpret halfway.

You view the body expressing information to you objectively. What you do not view is the initiation of the subjective consciousness which expresses the action to the body consciousness, to which the body consciousness responds. If you are removing the consciousness from the body consciousness, you are breaking communication. Therefore, the body consciousness becomes confused in its perfection of manifestation, which is natural, but it is natural in response only to your consciousness.

Therefore, just as if you remove your attention from any physical matter it shall dematerialize, as you remove your attention from your physical body consciousness and discontinue a constant communication, you shall witness what you view to be breakdown in function. Within an energy exchange of this type, understand this, for this was very similar to this individual in question, there is a great desire for subjective investigation and interaction and understanding. Therefore, the attention is diverted from objective expression inwardly to subjective expression. In this, the interaction within consciousness of maintenance of body consciousness and function is neglected.

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