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YCYOR is the shortcut for You are Creating Your Own Reality - which is one of the core concepts of Elias' teachings. Although the term YCYOR is very popular a more apt version is ICMOR (I am Creating My Own Reality).

Session #519:

ELIAS: But as I have expressed many times previously, you shall manifest — you shall create — what you concentrate upon, and what you concentrate upon IS your belief systems, and your belief systems are quite influencing of your movement in automatic responses and your perception, which creates your evaluation of situations and of self and of other individuals. This is the circle that is created.

Now; the reason, as you are aware, that I express so very often and so repeatedly to individuals to be turning their attention to self first is that ALL of your creations — all of your reality, all of your behaviors, all of your interactions, all of your projections — ALL of what you create is a direct expression of self through your perception, and as you are projecting an acceptance of self, this shall automatically be affecting of all that you create and draw yourself to or draw to yourself within your reality.

NONE of your reality is coincidence or accidental. It is all quite purposeful, and it is all created quite immaculately.

You are not chaotically or haphazardly moving through this physical dimension. You are quite purposefully creating every moment and every movement within it.

In this, every expression that you draw to yourself or that you are drawn to in your reality is a reflection of what you are creating within self.

Therefore, you yourself are the gauge of all of your reality, for as you offer yourself ANY imagery, which is all expressions within your reality — ANY expression of any action, any type of physical or nonphysical imagery that you offer to yourself within your reality — you may be assured that it is a reflection of what you are creating within self in your individual reality.

Session #800:

ELIAS: But I may express to you, the manner in which you create your physical reality in this physical dimension IS all you. You do not directly interact with any other individual as an expression of another essence.

You do not directly interact with any other manifestation outside of yourself although you hold your attention outside of yourself quite frequently, quite consistently; for your beliefs express that you are interacting with creations that are outside of yourself and that are not an element of you.

Session #793:

ELIAS: When you are fighting with yourself or with another individual or with any expression within your world, what you are actually expressing is that you believe you cannot have or you cannot do what you want, and you are struggling, and you create precisely what you are fighting with and you do not create what you want. You do create what you expect, for as you are fighting and struggling, you expect that you shall not have what you want, and therefore you create precisely what you expect.

But as you relax and merely express what you want and trust that you are already creating that, and you do not doubt yourself in what you want and that you are creating it, you stop struggling and you allow for your energy to flow free, and as it flows free, it is received by other individuals and accepted.

Session #646:

ELIAS: “Now; I express to you, you create ALL of your reality. You create every moment of your reality – every breath, every thought, every emotion, every feeling, every action, every encounter. Every interaction of your reality – every circumstance and every ‘thing’ within your reality – is created by yourself.

“No other individual, no circumstance, no essence, no element of consciousness may be creating any aspect of your reality for you. This is an intrusive action, and consciousness and essences are not intrusive. This is an intrinsic quality of consciousness, to not be intrusive. Therefore, NO element of your reality may be created by any other expression outside of yourself.

Session #1225:

ELIAS: BUT also remember that you do interact with other individuals. You interact with the energy projection of other individuals, and other individuals may project an energy expression with the intention of being hurtful, just as YOU may project energy with the intention of being hurtful. But it matters not, for what is significant is HOW that energy is received and that you recognize that there are no accidents.

Your reality is a wondrous expression. It is, figuratively speaking, an immaculate machine that is perfectly tuned. Therefore, as I express to you each that you are already perfect, what I am expressing to you is that you are so very highly efficient within the design of your physical reality that it may be viewed by yourselves as an amazement. There are no accidents. You draw to yourself precisely the type of energy expression in every moment that you yourself are projecting also as a reflection.

Therefore, in a moment that you may be perceiving your partner to be a monster and you may be questioning yourself in when is he actually projecting this obnoxious energy, he may be projecting energy with the intention of expressing an obnoxiousness and you have precisely generated placing yourself in the environment and the interaction to be receiving that precise expression, in the moment, to reflect to yourself what YOU are expressing inwardly. This not to say that you may be continuously generating comfortableness, but you are highly efficient in what you draw to yourself and where you place yourself within each moment of your reality, and all of it offers you information.

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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According to Abraham the underlying law behind YCYOR/ICMOR in particular and how All-That-Is[?] "works" in general is the Law of Attraction. Their definition of this law is (from the book Ask and it is Given):

Abraham: The basis of our world, your Universe, and All-That-Is. Things of like vibration are drawn to each other.


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