A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #:

ELIAS: Difference is a very STRONG challenge, which within this particular wave, is being addressed quite strongly. And, individuals are experiencing considerable frustration and conflict and confusion in association with attempting to be accepting of difference.

But, before you may be accepting of difference, it is important to identify within yourself what your difference is and identify what your truth is in association with your difference….and therefore allow yourself to recognize that your truth is YOUR truth, but it is not 'true'.

It is quite easily recognized what the difference is of other individuals. You automatically immediately recognize other individualsí difference. But, that is the point that you stop, and you do not turn your attention to yourself to identify what your difference is and how that associates to your truth.

Session #817:

ELIAS: And each individual shall create their reality in relation to their individual perceptions, and each individual is unique. There are no absolutes. Therefore, there is no expression of one right and one wrong. Allow yourself to be practicing in your interactions with other individuals, discovering the similarities in the differences.

JENNY: Between us?

ELIAS: In all of your interactions with other individuals. Each individual that you encounter shall express some objective difference. But within the differences, there is similarity. Allowing yourself to discover the similarity shall ease your movement into acceptance, for in viewing the similarity you create validation. In merely viewing the difference, you create the perception of threat, and therefore you attempt to be altering the difference to create the sameness.

Session #1336:

ELIAS: As other individuals express difference and incorporate different actions, different opinions, different choices, different preferences, and you allow yourself to hold your attention upon you, recognizing and being more aware of your preferences, you may allow yourself to discover that differences do not necessarily generate odds. For you may be expressing yourself freely in association with your preferences and also allow other individuals to express their preferences, knowing that neither is an absolute. Preferences are merely preferred beliefs in which you form opinions concerning them, and in this, none of them are absolute. They are merely the expressions of each individual in what they prefer.

Now; this does not express that any one individualís preferences or opinions or choices or expressions and how they express themselves are any better or worse than any otherís; they are merely different. And if you are not generating a threat in association with other individualís expressions, you also shall not generate the expression of justification or blame.

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