A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #1290:

FEMALE: Is value also associated with intensity of experience, of change – not so much good or bad, but intensity of an experience creates a value?

ELIAS: The awareness of it creates the intensity, not necessarily the experience itself. But as in these examples offered, you may or may not create an intensity of the experience itself; but the intensity is generated in association with the recognition and the awareness of what you have created, which may not diminish what you generate in an actual physical manner as in your example of a physical pain of dashing upon the rocks. The pain is not diminished, but it is also not the focal point. It is not the center.

FEMALE: That’s a by-product in a sense, the pain.

ELIAS: It becomes a side expression, for your attention is moved to you and the recognition of your value, of what you value, and of your experience and of what you are generating in the moment. As your attention moves to the awareness of you and what you are creating in association with your value, you do experience an intensity, but not necessarily of elation or joy or sadness or discomfort.

Session #864:

ELIAS: Your fear is expressed in relation to the intensity of judgment that you create. Your fear is not actually of self or what you may create or behaviors, but the intensity of judgment that you couple with these expressions. But this also is an intensely expressed opportunity. The intensity of the experience matches the intensity of the opportunity.

DEBI: Does it also match the degree of accomplishment? (Laughs)

ELIAS: It matches the intensity of potential accomplishment and freedom.


ELIAS: In this, be remembering your intent. Therefore, you may allow yourself to recognize that you do express movement in intensity, but it does not necessarily require an intensity of judgment or discomfort.

Now; let me express to you, this is the significant point of allowing yourself an acceptance of you and your movement, for you do express your movement in intense directions and expressions. In this, they all are purposeful and contributing to your value fulfillment; therefore, in acceptance of how you present exploration to yourself, your perception shall alter.

(Elias leans forward) Let me express to you, in what I am offering to you presently, an identification of distinction. Knowing that you create your reality in the expression of intensity, you may continue to be expressing that intensity and not necessarily expressing the extreme in emotional communication or in signals.

This is not to say that you may not continue to be creating intensity in experience, but as you allow yourself to relax and move yourself more into an objective familiarity with self, and in that process create more of an acceptance of self and more of an expression of trust of self, what shall occur is a turning of your perception

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