A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Essence Tone

Session #270:

ELIAS: Even within essence you hold your own tone, which is unique to you and not the same as other essences. The qualities may be the same, but the tone is different. You each hold your own individual tone in essence, which is the whole of you, the sum of all of your focuses, not merely within this particular physical dimension but all other dimensions and all areas of consciousness.

Session #65:

ELIAS: You each incorporate a vibrational tone. This is a vibrational resonating that you emanate from your essence. In this, just as within a musical chord, you strike vibrational qualities that connect with other essences or other consciousness, as all things incorporate consciousness.

Therefore, you may connect a vibrational tone quality not only with another essence or individual, but also with what you perceive to be ‘things’; a tree, a stone, a flower; for all of these ‘things’ incorporate consciousness. Therefore, they all possess a vibrational tone.

CATHY: So the actual sound of the word doesn’t have to match the other word … or does it?

ELIAS: Correct. You are basing a correlation upon physical sound. This is not necessary. I use the example of a physical sound, within a musical chord, as an example that you will understand.

Session #:

ELIAS: Essence tone is the entirety of ALL of your focuses of attention in ALL dimensions is the expression of your essence, and that essence holds what you may simply term as a signature tone also, and that tone translates into your language in this physical dimension as a word, and that is what we identify as an essence name.

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