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According to Elias the energy we are generating inwardly is always reflected back to offer us information about ourselves. This is either a reflection or a mirroring action:

Session #1225:

ELIAS: Let me express to you, the reflection is constant but it may not necessarily be an expression of mirroring continuously. There is a difference, for at times you present to yourself mirror imagery but at times you may be reflecting and not precisely mirroring. You are always reflecting, for all of the energy that you project outwardly is motivated by what is being generated inwardly within you. Any energy that you project outwardly, you shall reflect to yourself as another means of communication to yourself, to offer yourself information concerning what YOU are generating within yourself.

Elias explains the difference between reflection and mirroring:

Session #1225:

ELIAS: Now; at times, your reflections may be an expression of imagery that offers you information concerning what you may be choosing in the moment to be addressing to, or it may be a reflection of a belief that you are expressing, merely for your awareness of it. But at times, you may be generating the type of reflection which we term to be a mirroring action, which incorporates more of an intensity. Generally speaking, as you present a mirror action to yourself, you are engaging that type of action to be offering yourself more of a clarity in what you are addressing to.

Session #1306:

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you a distinction, for you do generate a reflection from this individual but not necessarily a mirroring. There is a difference. In situations in which individuals may be mirroring to each other, generally speaking, they are generating the same energy in association with the same subjects. Now; you engage that type of expression with other individuals, but not frequently. For the most part, what you do is you present to yourself reflections. Now; reflections do offer you information concerning yourself, but they may be more abstract and not precisely the same. Another individual may be expressing an energy which reflects some aspect of yourself, but you may configure it differently. Are you understanding?

Elias says that reflecting and mirroring of our own energy is not limited to human beings:

Session #1368: ELIAS: [] Let me clarify that there is an action of mirroring that occurs at times with individuals or even creatures, but for the most part you are reflecting.

The reflection is less specific. It is some reflection of what you yourself are projecting, but it may not necessarily be precisely the same action or associated with the same creations.

Now; at times you do generate mirrors in which you shall recognize quite quickly that whatever is being projected is precisely what you are projecting also. Creatures reflect different aspects of yourself and different manifestations at times which are chosen or unchosen manifestations of yourself, but these are their choices also. They are not subject to you, for you are not creating their reality, either.

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Session #9999:

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