A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



One of Elias favorite advice is to express allowance. He uses this term in many different contexts. The common ground is the absence of resistance regarding what we want to do, experience or create.

That means to put down our shields and stop pushing and forcing energy, to engage patience, to relax, trust, receive and easily and trustfully go with the flow.

Allowance also is one the biggest words in the teachings of Abraham (see Other perspective below).

Session #1496:

ELIAS: That is not patience; that is waiting. Patience is an action of allowance, and waiting is not an action of allowance. It is waiting and anticipating, and it is expecting that some occurrence or action shall be inserted into your reality, not by you but by some miraculous cosmic action (laughter), and that shall be your sign and thusly you shall act. Which is a method and it is not wrong, but I am merely clarifying that patience is not waiting.

ELIAS: Patience is an action of allowance. It is an action of relaxing and allowing the flow of energy within yourself and allowing yourself to participate with other energies around you in allowance in whatever direction it shall naturally flow, without an expectation.

Session #1116:

ELIAS: Allowance - patience - is an expression of action in which you are generating an expression of trust and openness of your energy and allowing for that energy expression to flow unobstructed. You are not thinking, thinking, thinking, and you are not concentrating upon acquiring.

Question: What are you concentrating upon?

ELIAS: What you are doing in the moment, and this allows a free flow of energy in which you generate what you want rather than waiting to acquire what you want.

Session #1364:

ELIAS:These are all expressions that actually contribute to your allowance of yourself to be trusting and accepting of yourself, which is the point, which shall also allow you to generate the manifestation of what you want in association with your goal. Are you understanding?

Session #705:

ELIAS: Allowance is the action of opening a clear channel, so to speak; not creating obstruction or obstacles, but creating an avenue for a free flow of energy, and not meeting any expression of energy within consciousness with opposition.

In this, as you actively participate in the action of allowance, figuratively speaking, you create an open pathway or avenue for movement of energy in particular directions. These avenues are directed, but there is an opening without obstruction for the free flow of energy, with the recognition that outcomes are occurring continuously in each moment.

Another perspective:

Abraham's definition of allowing (from the book Ask and it is Given):

Abraham: The state of alignement with the Well-Being that flows from Source. The focusing of your attention upon things that cause you to offer a vibration that "allows" your connection to your natural source of Well-Being. Tolerating is very different from allowing. Tolerating is seeing what is not wanted, feeling the vibrational evidence of that perspective, but deliberately taking no action. Allowing is deliberately giving your attention only to that which cuases a vibration of alignement with Source. When you are in the state of allowing, you always feel good.


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