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When mentioning intent, most of the time Elias is referring to what might be called a life's theme. It usually is a rather general expression which, as he puts it, is present as an underlying direction in all experiences throughout the whole time of the individual focus.

Session #289:

Therefore, in this, do not confuse yourself in the area of thinking that you must be proceeding in one particular direction to be accomplishing of your intent. Many individuals move and sway into many different expressions and directions throughout their focus, but they are accomplishing of their intent for the larger picture, or the whole of their intent encompasses many different expressions. It is merely the base line that you are following that shall remain constant.

Session #1037:

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, allow me to offer to you information concerning intents. An intent, simply put, is a general direction or theme that an individual chooses throughout their focus, throughout their physical manifestation.

Now; generally speaking, this intent or direction or theme does not alter throughout the individual’s manifestation. Even as an individual may fragment and alter their alignment or even alter the essence family that they are belonging to, generally speaking this may be, in a manner of speaking, affecting of particulars in relation to the individual’s intent but not necessarily affecting of the intent itself. For although an individual may fragment and may alter their essence tone, their family and alignment, the individual focus of attention, which is that that defines you as an individual in this manifestation, remains the same.

Session #1053:

ELIAS: Be remembering that your intent in any individual focus is a theme, so to speak, that continues throughout the entirety of the focus, from the onset of your manifestation to the moment that you choose to disengage, and is a general direction that you choose to be exploring within one focus. You choose many, many different more specific directions of experiences within that general expression or direction of your movement, and this direction or theme is an expression of intention of exploration. This is the reason that it is identified by this term of “intent,” for it is your intent within one focus of a particular direction of exploration of self in that particular manifestation.

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Session #884:

ELIAS: Your choice follows the direction of your desire. Your desire is the movement of your intent.

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