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In almost every session Elias uses the term discount/disounting in various contexts, the common thing is a lack of acceptance and/or judgement either of self or others.

In the following passage Elias explains the term by what is not a disounting action.

Session #1799: ELIAS: Whereas, if you are acknowledging your experiences and your actions, you are not discounting yourself and you generate a different energy, which moves you more into the direction of acceptance. It is an efficient practice to move you into acceptance.

Examples of discounting actions …

Session #1695:

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, this is a comparison, first of all. Comparison is an automatic discounting and judgment. Also, that may be one of your truths that you are experiencing, fairness what is fair and what is not.

Session #1532:

ELIAS: And discounting and defending. If you are defending, you are discounting. If you perceive that you need to be defending of your self, of your position, of your expression, of your behavior, you are already discounting yourself. Whatever you are defending, you are doing so for your perception is that that expression that is being defended is not adequate enough and therefore it must be protected.

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