A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #942:

LESLIE: When you said in the group session, “Pay attention to your actions,” why is that? Is that what we’re creating?


LESLIE: Our actions are our creations.


ELIAS: This is the choosing, and the choosing follows your direction. Many times individuals may express that they are objectively unaware of what their direction may be within a particular moment. I may express to you, if paying attention to what you are choosing, you shall also offer yourself information concerning your direction, for it moves in harmony with your direction.

LESLIE: So your creation, which is your action, is an expression of your direction?


Session #1196:

ELIAS: In this, you generate all of these actions throughout your day and you do not notice what you are actually doing, which we have spoken of previously – paying attention to what you are actually doing. All of these actions you deem to be mundane, insignificant and small, and therefore you do not pay attention and you do not notice the mechanics of them. Even the manner in which you may prepare a sandwich may be generated in the same action each time.

Actions such as these are the actions that you generate continuously, and these are the actions that are indicators to you concerning your automatic responses and the influence of beliefs that are reinforced daily. They are also actions unnoticed, which generates another indicator that you are not moving your attention in the now or upon self.


ELIAS: …for all of these actions that you incorporate are, in a manner of speaking, puzzle pieces that contribute to the design of the whole picture, and therefore offer you more of a clarity in understanding what you actually generate and how you create within your reality.

You, in like manner to many other individuals, move your attention to what you deem to be large actions or significant actions: your business, your family, engaging interaction with your children, planning activities or events, planning actions that shall generate clients within your business, actions that shall be generating greater income. These are actions that you deem to be large and significant.

All of these small actions that you incorporate in hundreds of movements throughout your day contribute to how you shall generate the large actions that you wish. But what you focus your attention upon are these large events, so to speak, or actions, and confuse yourself in how you may generate those in a manner of intentionally directing your energy and your movement to accomplish what you want.

Session #152:

Love is an action and it is dimensional. To your way of thinking, you may accept that color is dimensional, but you do not understand how it may be an action. To your way of thinking, you may accept that love is an action, but how may it be dimensional?

These seem to be inconsistencies, but outside of the singularity of physical attention, reality is quite expanded and unbounded. All of energy, all of consciousness, is motion. It is all a state of becoming. Therefore, so also are truths actions and states of becoming.

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