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In the Elias transcripts and sessions, the term victim refers to the idea that not all of an individual's reality is created by that individual (YCYOR), or in other words, that somebody can create in someone else's reality. What is quite challenging in this, is the fact that according to Elias there is no such thing as being a victim. Neither being the victim of another individual, nor of circumstance.

Session #1970:

ELIAS: Let me also express to you, when you genuinely recognize (and) identify your truth, the element of “you do not create all of your reality” becomes a moot point, for in accepting the responsibility of your own truth, you begin to recognize and perceive in reality that you ARE creating all of your reality. You are not a victim to circumstances, to scenarios, to situations, to other individuals, for YOU incorporate the choices and you can choose different actions to allow yourself to continue in the expression of your truth but not be dissuaded by other individuals’ choices, expressions or behaviors. They literally move into the expression of “it matters not.”

Elias comments however, that you may create a perception by denying yourself choices, which may happen in line with your own value fulfillment.

Session #737:

ELIAS: Be clear in this identification, for what you are creating in that type of association is a denial of your choices and an association within you of assuming the role of victim.

Each time you create any expression in which you deny your own choices or the recognition of your own abilities, and you shift your perception to associate the responsibility of your choices to any other expression of consciousness — even other aspects of yourself, other focuses of yourself — you are in that expression creating an association within yourself as the role of the victim, and you create obstacles and you create blocks, for you deny yourself your own ability for choice.

Session #1799:

ELIAS: You created what you created in the intensity matching whatever it is that you are attempting to offer yourself information concerning. You created whatever you created in conjunction with your value fulfillment, regardless of whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable. That choosing aspect of you does not concern itself with what is comfortable and what is not comfortable; it concerns itself with what is efficient and what matches the intensity of what you are presenting to yourself in information. But you are not victims and you are not out of control.

As I have expressed from the onset, there is no element of your reality that is hidden from you. It is merely a matter of paying attention. In this time framework, the most efficient manner in which you shall allow yourself to identify whether you are generating opposing energy is to be present with yourself. For there are many, many, many expressions of opposition.

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Session #640:

ELIAS: Victim is any expression that holds little or no choice..

Session #726:

TOM: The duplistic actions of discounting, invalidating myself. I’ve noticed little areas that I do that, which accumulate, in a manner of speaking, that all of a sudden … this creates what we consider conflicts and trauma, even if it’s on a small scale, where it becomes or it creates … these actions of duplicity create these conflicts and actions that are considered conflict and trauma.

ELIAS: You are correct, and this repetition, as it reinforces what you are creating, creates also an escalation in your participation in it, does it not?

TOM: Yes, it does. Like I said, it seems to accumulate in the small things, and becomes larger and larger.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this action, you move into an association with yourself as a victim.

TOM: I guess I never … I do not view myself as a victim, but….

ELIAS: Quite, and this is the point, and this is what we are discussing in relation to this particular belief system of duplicity, for this is one of its greatest expressions, is to be creating an automatic association and role within an individual of victim.

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