A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Continuing Focus

According to Elias there are three focus types, the beginning, continuing and final and every focus holds an awarenss of what they are. It can be easily identified by their feeling tone.

Focuses who neither hold the awareness of a beginning nor of a final focus are a continuing focus of their essence.

Session #202:

ELIAS: Be remembering also that all of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all beside each other. They are not ‘in front of’ or before each other. They exist presently within the now, for this is what exists within consciousness is the now. There is no past or future. It is merely a perception within your creation of your time framework, which appears to be moving in a linear motion; but this being also why you may experience ease in viewing other focuses of your essence, for they are occurring simultaneously. As you are, they are also. As essence is choosing to be entering any physical manifestation, they are all choices. An essence may be choosing to enter only one physical dimension. An essence may be choosing to be entering thousands of physical dimensions. The choice to be entering physical manifestations occurs at once.

… The essence, within agreement of its focuses, designates one focus as ‘first’ and one focus as ‘final.’ This is merely an identification of the feeling or the tone of the focus, and its intent and its direction. This is not to say that one focus occurs first and one focus occurs finally. They all occur simultaneously, but are designated with these concepts as their directingness.

Session #704:

ELIAS: … the identification of a final focus or a beginning focus or what you may term to be a continuing focus is held quite strongly in you each. There may be expressed little question within any of you as to these identifications, for you offer yourselves clear impressions in association with these identifications.

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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