A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



This is one of the essence families.

Session #67:

ELIAS: Your fourth color of green; this will be represented of the family of Ilda. These individuals are very likable. They are extremely verbal. They are communicators. Their focus is exchange. They are travelers. They may be manifest as merchants, as gypsies, as seamen; any individuals that travel and exchange ideas of cultures.

They are the "mixers". Without these individuals your civilizations, your cultures, would become stagnant. They also incorporate, within physical manifestation, as slaves, as pirates. They are quite colorful individuals! They exchange ideas from one culture to another.

They bring infiltration of religion, of trade, to all areas within your world. Some, in other times periods of your history, were great jesters of courts, having access to diplomats and kings, and exchanging ideas and concepts between these of high rank and peasantry. I personally hold quite affection for this family.

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