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Session #580:

TED: Since I’ve been reading your transcripts and interfacing with Mary and Vicki and your core group, I recall that you mentioned two different waves of consciousness, one in relation to relationships and the other in relation to sexuality. Tell me, how long do these waves of consciousness last, and how many are there going to be?

ELIAS: The waves in consciousness are created in relation to your belief systems.

Now; as I have expressed previously, within this physical dimension, in actuality you hold ten belief systems. There are countless aspects of these belief systems, but there are few actual bird cages … which are quite stuffed with birds! Ha ha! (Laughter)

In this, what you have designed in the movement of this shift in consciousness is a method, so to speak — that you are so VERY fond of within this physical dimension — for addressing to each of these belief systems, and offering yourselves a time framework in which collectively you shall be examining each of these belief systems and all of the aspects that are contained within each of these belief systems. This is what is creating of a wave of consciousness in relation to this shift.

Now; the duration in your physical time framework of a particular wave of consciousness is dependent upon the belief system itself, and the volume of strength in energy that it incorporates, and your movements individually and collectively in examination of it.

Now; let me express to you, the movement of a wave in consciousness addressing to any particular belief system is not to be creating the end product, so to speak, at the diminishing point of that energy wave, which shall be expressed as acceptance of that particular belief.

The point of these waves in consciousness are that you collectively shall bring surfacely, objectively, the recognition first of all that the belief system exists, and that you shall allow yourself to examine many of the aspects and expressions of that belief.

Now; the wave may diminish, and the wave may even cease, so to speak, in its movement, and you shall not have collectively accepted that belief system, but that was not the objective of creating it. You have allowed yourselves to be recognizing the existence of the belief system and the many, many different expressions of it.

You shall not be accepting of an element of your reality if you are not allowing yourself the recognition and identification of it. If you do not hold an objective awareness of certain aspects of your beliefs, you shall also not allow yourself to be accepting of those aspects.

In like manner, if you are not allowing yourself the viewing and recognition of self and familiarizing yourself with self, you shall not afford yourself the ability to be accepting of self either, for you shall not be motivated to be accepting of elements that you do not recognize are in existence, so to speak.

TED: I understand that. I understand that, yes sir!

ELIAS: Some of these waves in consciousness shall overlap each other. Some shall be expressed in greater length of time than others, in a manner of speaking, for the strength that they hold in energy may be much greater than other belief systems.

Some belief systems and the aspects that they hold are expressed quite underlyingly, in which you objectively do not even allow yourselves the recognition that they ARE a belief. These may be requiring of more of a time framework, individually and collectively, to be recognizing and identifying and subsequently addressing to, for there are countless expressions of one belief system.

Let me also be reminding you that as you address to any belief system, you simultaneously are incorporating an element of addressing to duplicity, for duplicity is coupled with all of your belief systems. Therefore, you simultaneously address to two belief systems within each wave.

Some belief systems also, you, individually and collectively throughout your previous century, have allowed yourselves to relax the energy within. Therefore, they may not necessarily be requiring of as much time framework as other beliefs.

Within your society, the belief system of sexuality is quite strong. There are aspects of this belief system that are quite underlying, and you have not allowed yourselves even the recognition that these aspects are an expression of beliefs. You are allowing yourselves to be recognizing of these aspects now, but previously you did not allow yourselves an objective recognition of many of these aspects of this belief of sexuality.

Within your society collectively, there is less strength in this now in some aspects of your religious belief systems. This is not to say that you do not hold a continuation of great strength in this belief system of religious beliefs, but you have collectively, in your society, allowed yourselves to relax that energy to a degree, so to speak, whereas within the expression of the belief system of sexuality, you have not loosed your energy in the expressions of its aspects.

Now; I am specifically addressing to your society, for this may not be the expression throughout your globe.

TED: We understood that, Elias. We understood that part.

ELIAS: Different societies hold their attention in different belief systems more strongly. (Pause)

If you are inquiring as to when this particular wave in consciousness shall dissipate and shall cease, I shall express to you, this would be your choice!

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