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Feeling tone

Session #183:

ELIAS: This shall be our discussion this day. This is important, that you allow yourself the ability to interpret feelings as opposed to emotion, for feeling is that which will be directing you in what you view to be “properly.” Many individuals confuse emotions with feeling tone. The words “feeling tone” are used throughout many of your different belief systems. There is in actuality a feeling tone within you which allows you to identify energy. This also is part of your language to yourself. This feeling tone that is within you, within this particular dimension, is basically the same for all of your species.

Now; it may be interpreted differently by different individuals as they filter through their belief systems, and also interpret either from a thought-focused element or an emotionally-focused element. Emotionally-focused individuals automatically translate this tone into emotion.

Therefore, it may be easily confused and distorted. There are many reasons why the identification of this feeling tone is important. This, if identified properly, may offer you information which you do not necessarily hold objectively. It may also confirm to you those elements within your reality that are belief systems and those elements which are not belief systems.

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Session #9999:

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