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Essence is a term which Elias uses quite often and which at the same time is not so easy to explain.

As a starting point, take the idea that essence is what is at the heart of your life, that from which the life as you know it emerges. Elias terms a physcial life focus of essence. If you have read the Oversoul Seven trilogy by Jane Roberts[?], you may have an intuitive grasp of the term Oversoul, which in a very early session Elias has offered as a analogy of essence.

**Session #147**:

ELIAS: Essence is a term that is used for your benefit; for your understanding of identification of a tone of consciousness which holds a certain direction, a certain intent for its creation of manifestation. All consciousness holds intent within its own value fulfillment. Essence is that tone which chooses manifestation within personality for certain experiences. This is you. All other manifestations hold consciousness and are aware of self and hold the intent of value fulfillment, even to the tiniest link of consciousness; and together, all of this is the action of The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is not an entity or being. It is an action. It is a movement.

Essence is an tone in consciousness, or maybe a part although there are no parts because consciousness is not a thing and there is no separation. It is an ever chaning yet inviolatile action of consciousness in consciousness out of consciousness which expresses itself in unique ways, part of which are expressions as focus in physical dimensions.

**Session #79:**

ELIAS: Essence is what we will term a portion of this encompassing whole, although not a portion! (Smiling) Within your limitations of language, it is impossible to express to you the lack of division and separation; this being why I express to you to conceptualize these concepts that I offer to you, for within your thought patterns within physical focus, it is not possible for you to completely eliminate all separation and be understanding of these concepts. When I express to you that essence incorporates all systems, that all systems are open and available to you, this is what is incorporated by consciousness. You possess this. Every element of consciousness possesses all elements of the whole.

Another importan point though is that essence is not outside of the physical, not wiser, greater or more valuable than focus.

**Session #62**:

ELIAS: Correct; for this physical manifestation incorporates all of essence also. You have moved into a position of focusing upon essence, and some of you have incorporated the concept of essence; and without realizing what you are doing, you have created the same scenario and situation as you incorporate with your religious focuses. You only label it differently now. You look now to your essence as your god, as being greater than you, larger than you, knowing more than you, being more trustworthy than you, more powerful than you; but I have expressed to you, previously, (slapping Vicki’s leg) this is no vessel! (Now slapping his own leg) This is essence! It is a physical manifestation. Therefore, in trusting the you that you know, you are also trusting in essence.

**Session #259:**

ELIAS: Another element that you hold very strongly within the area of duplicity is the belief system that you are you, and essence is a thing outside of you which is directing of your reality. This stems from your belief systems dealing with duplicity. You devalue yourselves. You discount yourselves, and therefore you hold belief systems that there is some element outside of yourself that is greater than you and may be directing of your focus, for the focus is less than essence, which it is not.

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**Session #333:**

ELIAS: Let us view the workings of consciousness — what IS consciousness — and the distinctions of essence and consciousness. You may notice throughout this information that I express a distinction between essence and consciousness. Essence is consciousness, but there is consciousness that is not essence. Essence is also unlimited. This be the area that is very difficult for your understanding within physical focus, for you are so very accustomed to thinking in singular terms. All that you create within your physical dimension moves in this direction.

**Session #7:**

ELIAS: It is very difficult. There has never been a certain number of original essences. Originally, essences, in a manner of speaking, sprang from The Creating Universal One And Whole. These are not separate entities from it; they are only focuses of it. In these focuses, which we now speak of as essences, they chose to experience in different focuses. I am having much difficulty explaining in your language these concepts. Michael does not have a vocabulary large enough to express some concepts. This is only because you do not have a dictionary large enough!

**Session #8:**

ELIAS: There was a reason you have created this separation of essence and physical focus originally. It is difficult to truly experience anything if you have prior knowledge of it. In your essence state, you have knowledge of all these things, obviously because you have created them! In order to experience in a physical focus, you chose to forget your essence. This, for a “time”, in your terms, (smiling, and we all laugh) served its purpose. It allowed you to experience in all full measure of a physical focus. Many individuals are still quite focused in this situation.

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