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According to Elias perception is a mechanism which creates all of (physical) reality.

**Session #1035**

ELIAS: […] Perception is quite objective, and as I have stated, is the mechanism in which you generate the actual physical manifestations of your reality.

**Session #942**:

ELIAS: Perception is a mechanism that you incorporate in consciousness, in physical manifestation, which projects outwardly from yourself and actually creates and generates ALL of the physical manifestations.

The raw material from which perception ist generated is energy. Among other things, beliefs influence perception.

**Session #797**

ELIAS: You express energy in every choice, every moment, of your focus, and as you express energy, other individuals receive that energy, and from that blueprint of energy which you project, the other individual thusly creates an image of what you have created through their perception.

In a manner of speaking, this type of interaction and movement may be viewed similarly to a projector camera, in which the film is fed through as the projection of energy, and the camera thusly projects an image outwardly of that energy which has been inputted into it.

Each individual creates this movement in interaction with other individuals.

Now; at times, the projection from your perception may be filtered through different lenses, so to speak, which color the picture and alter the projection, and therefore, at times, may be viewed as distorting the projection. In these situations, you are creating your own image of the interaction and not necessarily projecting the energy which has been received from the other individual, but rather have substituted that energy in relation to your own issues, your own fears, your own beliefs that discard the projection of energy from the other individual and replace it with your own projection of energy. Or, at times, you may reconfigure the energy that you receive from another individual and create a new translation of that in association with your own beliefs, issues, fears and assessments, and also your own communications within self.

What you directly interact with in each of your realities is your perception. Therefore, what you are directly interactive with in relation to another individual is your perception of the other individual.

What you directly interact with in relation to an actual other individual is not the physical matter, is not the physical form of that individual, but the projection of their energy to you and your acceptance of that energy as a blueprint to be creating your image of the other individual.

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**Session #1453:**

ELIAS: Now; in this, let us incorporate the example of any other individual. As you are aware, in theory and in concept every individual that you encounter, that you interact with, what you are actually directly interacting with is their projection of energy. You automatically without thought and in a natural allowance receive that energy and generate a projection. You create an actual physical form in matter of that individual’s energy. YOU create that. In this, you have configured their energy in association with their projection and their blueprint into a solid physical form that you may interact with.

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