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One thing which Elias repeats over and over is that everybody creates all of their reality (YCYOR) and that reality is created through perception. There are as many realities as individuals and this is meant quite literally.

This also means that there is no outside reality and no "official" reality. But the creation of reality follows the blueprint of this physical dimension.

**Session #1173**:

ELIAS: […] For the REAL reality that you are seeking would be an absolute that would be the separated other reality, which is the truth and the absolute and there is no absolute. The real reality is that which you generate, that which you see and you touch and you hear and you imagine. The entirety of the universe that you see before you is an extension of you. You have created it. This is the power of your perception.

**Session #646**:

ELIAS: You each are individually creating all of your reality. There is no one official reality. The official reality is what each of you create. In that, one individual may be creating one scenario and the other individual is creating a different scenario, which in actuality is quite efficient, for it is very validating and acknowledging of you that you actually can create whatever you want regardless of the other individual.

**Session #901**:

ELIAS: Your perception of your reality is reverse of what it actually is. You perceive that other individuals offer to you physical manifestations. Other individuals offer you money in relation to or in exchange for services or creations that you express, jobs that you create. In actuality, you create all of this. You create the action, and you also create the physical manifestation of the coins and the paper that you identify as money. You create ALL of your reality.

You create so efficiently that you even create the other individuals that you interact with. This is not to say that you occupy this planet alone, individually, for you do not. There are countless other essences which are also manifest in physical focuses upon your planet within your physical dimension, but what you interact with is their energy. What you perceive to interact with in actual physical matter is your own creation, and your reality is unique to you.

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**Session #1228:**

ELIAS: Very well. Reality is created in this physical dimension through the projection of perception. Each individual incorporates their own unique perception. In this, you DO interact with other individuals, but what you are interacting with is an energy expression which is projected FROM other individuals to you. And in that projection, you receive the energy expression and thusly you filter that expression of energy through your beliefs and you generate a projection of your perception, which creates the actual physical manifestation of the other individual.

Now; as I have stated previously, for the most part individuals receive energy from other individuals and configure it quite accurately in association with what the other individual is projecting. At times you create quite differently; an individual may be projecting energy to you and dependent upon your direction in the moment and your attention and your beliefs, you may be reconfiguring that energy and creating a different expression or physical experience than the other individual may be. In this, I may express to you quite literally, you do create EVERY aspect of your reality.

**session #99**:

ELIAS: Your expressions, within consciousness, are the reality. Your movements, within consciousness, are the reality.

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