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In Elias' own terms, he is an essence which is currently not focused in physical reality.

**Session #270:**

I am Elias. I am an energy personality essence. I occupy an area of consciousness which shall be known to you henceforth as Regional Area 4. In this realm, I occupy a position of teaching. I am in conjunction with many other essences which are also in the capacity of teaching. I speak to you in response to you all in your questioning of this shift in consciousness, which is occurring upon your planet within this time framework in this present now, in which you are all involved.

His teaching is delivered through an energy exchange with Mary Ennis and aims at assisting people in shifting in an effective and traumaless manner.

**Session #284:**

Now; let me also express to you that as I have expressed many times previously, the reason that I speak with all of you is to be offering information in regard to this shift in consciousness, and in that to be affecting in lessening the trauma that shall be associated and IS associated with this shift.

Among other things this includes helping people to move into acceptance which includes the realisation and understanding and subsequent neutralisation of beliefs and belief systems.

**Session #293:**

Myself, belonging to the family of Sumafi, my choice in alignment with my intent in energy is to be creating of an energy exchange that shall be offering information with the least amount of distortion, which creates the situation that I shall not be aligning with the belief systems held within physical focus. Therefore, in the expression of my intent, I shall not be offering you information that shall be reinforcing of your own belief systems. I shall be addressing to your belief systems and exposing them to you, and offering you the opportunity to view your own belief systems.


THIS is my intent, to not be perpetuating the already existing and held belief systems, but to be offering information that individuals such as yourself may move into the direction of noticing and identifying their own belief systems, which IS perpetuating of this shift in consciousness and allows you the ability to move more fully into this shift in consciousness, for you shall not be actualizing this shift if you are holding to your belief systems, for the action of this shift is to be accepting of your belief systems.

Once again I shall express: this is not to say that you shall be eliminating of your belief systems, but you shall be neutralizing them. You shall continue to hold belief systems and hold opinions in regard to these belief systems, but they shall not be affecting. There shall not be any judgment attached with them. Therefore, they are neutralized. Presently, you all hold many, many, MANY belief systems, and there ARE judgments attached with them.

As you move more fully into the exploration of acceptance of belief systems, you may also offer yourself the opportunity to view how very many aspects there are to each singular belief system. They are much more complicated than individuals view them to be!

But each little bird that you allow to fly free from the cage of the belief system serves you well to be moving you more fully into the acceptance, which allows you a wondrous new freedom, a liberation from old creations that no longer serve you well and into the new freedom of the exploration of your own creativity without the binding of the belief systems which hold to you and limit your own freedom and creativity.

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**Session #5:**

VICKI: What about your reality? What’s it like where you are? Where are you?

ELIAS: I am here! (Grinning)

VICKI: Where are you when you’re not here?

ELIAS: I am not in a “place”, as you view your world. As we have conversations, I am also presently focused in other realities at the same time. You are focused in this reality, but share a similar experience with me in a simultaneousness of your existence. This is where your lives all cross each other. I do the same thing. All things are simultaneous. I focus with other essences besides you. You are pleasant; they are also pleasant. They are instructive to me, but in a much more complicated focus.

VICKI: So this is a pleasant experience for you?

ELIAS: Yes. It is very enjoyable for us.

VICKI: It is very enjoyable for us, too!

ELIAS: We experience everything in its fullness, much richer than you can imagine; but your focus is for a different experience right now and should be viewed, at this moment, as of ultimate importance and ultimate experience.

**Session #6:**

JULIE: Asks about her perception of Elias having an accent.

ELIAS: This is most probably seeming to be of an origin of some kind to you. This, in actually, is a combination of manipulating translations, and identification with my essence; being manifest previously in certain European areas many times. Most of this would be attributed to the mechanical interaction of translating, though. This translation, into your words, is much more complicated than you realize.

JULIE: I’m sure!

ELIAS: This is not on a level of translating from one language to another. We do not have language! (Grinning)

**Session #1468:**

ELIAS: I have chosen to be interactive with all of you for you have asked, and I have responded. You wish for information and I have been responsive, and I am responsive continuously to your request for information.

What information is presented in any particular session is determined by you; what you request is what I am responsive to. I am aware that you are not necessarily objectively aware of what you are requesting — although you are, you merely are not paying attention, but you are aware — and in this, as you generate your request collectively, I respond and address to your questions and your desire for information.

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