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Denial of choice

Eventually all terms and discussions around the Elias material boil down to choice, because of all expressions, denial of choice is one that is most conflicting and hurting. What is noteworthy in this regard, is the unusual strong language which Elias is using around this topic.

Session #985:

ELIAS: It is a question of choice and your denial of your choice. I may express to you, Mikah, no expression shall grieve essence more than the denial of choice, for it is so contrary to your natural being, and it generates tremendous conflict.

Session #768:

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. Choice is your most powerful tool, and in the denial of choice, it is your most devastatingly immobilizing action

Session #773:

ELIAS: […] for there is no greater denial that may be expressed than the denial of your own freedom, the denial of your own choice, the denial of your own self. This is the greatest expression of torment and trauma that may be expressed within your manifestation, and you all hold an immediate recognition of your own denials of self - your own denial of choice within yourselves - and you immediately communicate that to yourself through your emotions.

Session #778:

ELIAS: Now; within your physical terms, figuratively speaking, tremendous denial of choice within an individual may be, in a manner of speaking, an excruciating experience, for it is quite contrary to your natural state of being, which incorporates choice.

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Session #997:

ELIAS: And therefore I may express to you, it may appear or seem objectively to you that this is an insignificant expression, that choice is merely choice and it matters not; but the denial of choice is QUITE significant and generates TREMENDOUS conflict and also may create much frustration. […]

For as you are aware, I have expressed previously, worry and guilt may be the two expressions that almost are a waste of energy - for there is no waste of energy - but the lack of choice, the lack of your allowance of choice and denying choice to yourself, is so very contrary to the movement in natural flow of essence and of consciousness that this be the one expression that shall cause essence to weep…

Session #1970

ELIAS: That opens the door to choice, and choice presents your freedom. For once you recognize that you incorporate choice in every situation, in every moment, that you are not locked to one expression or one direction, that within any scenario — within every scenario — you incorporate choices, not one choice but many choices, there lies the seat of you directing yourself intentionally and allowing you to create what you want WHEN you want it. Not futurely, not anticipating: “Some day I shall arrive. Some day I shall incorporate the ability to create this. Eventually I shall incorporate the ability to create what I want. No.

NOW, in this moment, I can create what I want, for I am aware of what influences me and I am aware that I incorporate choices. It is not black and white. I am not hidden from myself. I am also acknowledging of myself and my guidelines, for they are what allow me to create what I want” — not that I discount myself in incorporating these guidelines, not that they are bad.

Session #1464:

ELIAS: I may express to you, it is not necessarily a matter of incorporating an issue in association with this subject, but rather a presentment to yourself of allowing yourself to choose in the moment and to genuinely listen to yourself in what you want in the moment, and that you may choose to be engaging a direction and you may also change that direction. You are not locked into any position. You may allow yourself to relax in your own choices, and it is not an absolute and it is not stone. You may in one moment want to be involving yourself in this activity, and in another moment you may not want to be involving yourself in the activity. It is merely a presentment to yourself of change and that you are not locked into any direction absolutely. It is choice.

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