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Choosing aspect

Session #895:

ELIAS: And the manner in which you offer yourself more clarity and greater understanding of what you are creating within your reality is to be paying attention to HOW you create your reality. For in terms that you may objectively understand within this present now, you do incorporate a type of process in how you create your reality. In actuality, they are all occurring simultaneously, but you do incorporate communications to yourself. You also incorporate the aspect of your objective consciousness or awareness that is the action aspect or function, which this action function of your focus actually implements choice.

Now; this action mechanism or function of yourself is not directly influenced and associated with your beliefs. It is the mechanism that chooses. It implements choice. It expresses choice. It directly expresses direction to your perception, which creates the physical manifestations of the action of the choice.

Elias explains how to choose differently when thought doesnīt influence the choosing aspect.

Session #920:

KATIE: But how do I choose differently if thought doesn't have anything to do with it? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Thought is not choosing.

KATIE: I just don't get that part. I mean, I understand what you are saying in concept, but not in practical terms.

ELIAS: By paying attention to this choosing/doing aspect of yourself.

I am not expressing to you to not think, for thinking is a translating mechanism and therefore it is moving and generating thoughts almost continuously - not entirely continuously. But what I am expressing to you is that thought is not generating your reality, it is not creating your reality, it is translating. And in this, thought does not always translate accurately.

Therefore if you are moving your attention to what you are choosing and what you are doing, you also offer yourself clearer communication to thought, which allows your thinking to more accurately and clearly translate objectively to you. And in this action, merely the identification of what you are choosing offers you more of a freedom in recognizing that you are not bound to one choice.

If you are not recognizing what you are choosing, how shall you offer yourself objectively the ability to intentionally choose otherwise?

Session #943:

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, the choosing aspect of you does not concern itself with judgments. It does not concern itself with comfortable, uncomfortable, good, bad, pleasant. It merely chooses. It chooses directly in alignment with the direction that you are moving in.

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Session #1270:

ELIAS: Does the choosing aspect of yourself always align with your desire? Yes.

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