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The shift in consciousness is Elias' term for a process that has begun in the last century and which will transform all individuals and therefore the world as we know it. The process is a source event in this physical dimension and it is about self empowerment and widening awareness.

**Session #270**:

ELIAS: Aspects of this shift in consciousness in overview:

This shift in consciousness is now, but in objective terminology shall be completed or entirely accomplished within the third quarter of your coming century. You have already moved beyond your midpoint within the action of this shift in consciousness, which was initiated in your physical time framework at the beginning of this particular century. Nearing the midpoint of your coming century, many elements shall be occurring that shall be definitive in turning your reality into an entirely new type of reality. That which you view as reality presently shall no longer exist.

As to your physical forms, they shall continue as they are. As to your belief systems, you shall continue to hold belief systems, for these are a part of the design of this reality. As to the affectingness of these belief systems, they shall be rendered neutral. As to your physical societies, they shall be different. They shall be altered. Your approach to reality within this shift shall be altered dramatically, for your awareness shall be increased to the point of the inclusion of the remembrance of essence, which shall allow you greater freedom and mobility within this physical dimension.

This shift in consciousness is limited to this particular dimension. It is not a shift in consciousness which encompasses other dimensions or other physical dimensions, but you shall hold the ability, as you hold presently if you are choosing to be engaging of this ability, to access other realities at will. Their awareness of your interaction shall not be objective to them, but you shall hold an objective awareness of your interaction. Example: You wish to engage another physical reality; extraterrestrials. You wish to view another physical reality which is manifest. You may, by merely stepping sideways, engage this action. It shall be as effortless as moving from one room to another. You wish to engage an individual that has disengaged physical focus. You shall hold the ability to be in active communication and interaction with another focus .. in non-physical communication. Your abilities for mobility through consciousness shall exceed any known element that you hold presently.

However, these changes may not be the creation of an utopia and may also not be what has been described by others in relation to the new age, i.e. according to Elias there will be no messiah and also not a leaving of the planet into a nonpyhsical existence.

**Session #160**:

ELIAS: Consciousness connected with physical focus moves through seasons, just as your planet holds seasons in nature. These seasons within consciousness are slightly different, for they endure for much greater time frameworks. You now enter a new season of consciousness within the creation of your shift.


More flowers shall not bloom upon your planet as your shift is accomplished. No messiah shall be leading you to a promised land. It shall rain upon your planet equally to the rain present. You shall continue to manifest natural occurrences as do you now, but you shall understand what you do.


Within the action of this shift also, in addition to your recognition of your own essence and your own focuses, you shall also eliminate much conflict, for it is unnecessary to be creating conflict if you are not concerned with what is outside of you. If your concern centers within and upon the elements of essence, you shall be manifesting this and you shall not necessarily be manifesting what you now view to be hatefulness.

The base element of the shift is to understand how beliefs and belief systems work in shaping our reality and neutralize these by means of acceptance (i.e. recognizing them as preference rather than absolute or truth). This has the effect of gaining the freedom to expressing whatever beliefs and belief systems an individual may choose or prefer to express.

**Session #270**:

ELIAS: There are many aspects of this shift in consciousness and many actions which are associated with this shift. One of the basic elements of this shift in consciousness is to be accepting of your belief systems and rendering them neutralized – NOT eliminating these belief systems but rendering them neutralized – which shall enable you to expand within your objective awareness, and this shall expand your abilities in creativity futurely. The action of this shift holds many dynamics that you are already beginning to experience within your objective awareness.

**Session #284**:

ELIAS: The base element of this shift in consciousness is to be identifying, recognizing, and addressing to the belief systems that you hold and to be accepting of these belief systems – not eliminating, not altering, not changing, but to be accepting of these belief systems, which therefore renders these belief systems neutralized, which shall be creating of this new establishment in consciousness; for if you are not affected by those belief systems that you hold, you allow yourselves the opportunity to open to your awareness and you allow yourselves to view more of your reality.

Or to sum it up in a few words:

**Session #284**:

ELIAS: And this be the action of your shift, to be altering of this reality and recognizing the reality that there is no right and wrong, there is no good and bad, and there is no necessity for judgment.

More Quotes

**Session #1457:**

BONNIE: As part of the Shift, we have been experiencing some elections here in our province and locally in our local governments and there seems to be a tremendous increase in dissatisfaction with our current forms of government, of organization, almost an opting out. Are we about to shift our entire system of governments as well?

ELIAS: Eventually. This is occurring in many locations, in many governments, in many countries, and that also is associated with this shift in consciousness, which I have expressed previously. For you are shifting your attentions and your directions to be emphasizing the individual much more, and de-authoritizing your authorities.

For, the direction of this shift in consciousness is to be directing of yourselves individually and not generating the action of allowing other individuals to dictate your choices. This is what you are viewing in the dissatisfaction of the controls, so to speak, or the rules of the governments, and the individuals moving in more of a direction of steering their own ships. This is quite associated with the Shift, and it is not merely occurring within your country.

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