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Energy exchange

The term energy exchange is similar to channeling but not the same. For the phenomen which Elias engages with Mary Ennis he uses term energy exchange.

Session #742:

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within the engagement of an activity that individuals term to be channeling, generally speaking, for the most part, an individual that engages that action is not in actuality creating an energy exchange with another essence, but is allowing themselves to literally channel information from other areas of consciousness – for the most part, other areas of information which are held within their own essence – into their objective awareness within physical focus.

During energy exchange Elias is able to see through the facade of a questioner and responds rather to the projected energy than to the exchanged words, as he explains in the following dialog.

Session #87:

VICKI: […] A lot of people are quite efficient at projecting a facade, though.

ELIAS: This is correct; and you do not believe that I may see through this facade?

VICKI: I believe that you probably always see through the facades, but I’ve just never viewed you to interact in that way on a first-time basis.

ELIAS: This individual is quite connected, and understands quite well. This individual also projects an element of helplessness. He was not experiencing an emotional response to my presence. There was no fear.

VICKI: Oh. Being part of the facade?

ELIAS: Being part of the game! This individual was quite understanding of my response to the initial question. There was no misunderstanding incorporated. This individual was not wishing to be asking of the next question, for he was aware already of my response; therefore engaging helplessness within focus, asking for assistance. It was not offered, therefore the response was incorporated. You were presented with the facade of fearfulness, which was quite efficient. Within consciousness, behind the facade, was irritation that he was not assisted, therefore a directedness to me; a temper tantrum. ‘You will answer my question, Elias!’ I will not answer your question, Jaren [Jason], for you may answer this question yourself. You already know; and he does. I respond to individuals according to their state of consciousness, and how much actual fearfulness they incorporate. Many individuals may project the camouflage of being quite self-assured and knowledgeable, and are very fearful within; therefore my response to them. This individual does not incorporate this fearfulness.

More Quotes

Session #732:

ELIAS: Let me express to you, I am expressing a distinction between the action of an energy exchange and the action of channeling.

An energy exchange is an action that is an occurrence of participation of yourself and another essence, such as what is occurring in this action with myself and Michael in this particular phenomenon. This may be identified as an energy exchange. There is a participation of more than one essence in the exchange of energy.

The action of channeling is an action in which you allow yourself to channel energy of your essence — different aspects of your essence — through the avenue of your particular focus of attention. In this action, the individual allows themself to open their awareness to other aspects of their essence, be they physical or nonphysical, be they within the expression of this particular physical dimension or another physical dimension, another focus of their essence or a nonphysical expression of their essence.

Elias’ comment on why the information offered by different essences differ in some ways:

Session #1587:

ELIAS: I may express to you that each essence offers information in association with their direction and what may be viewed in your terms as their interest, which once again, in your terms, would be likened to an intent. It is not quite actually an intent, for that would more be associated with your reality, but it would be a similar expression. Therefore, the information shall vary.

I may express to you, for the most part any essence that is offering information in this time framework is expressing in generally a similar manner, but the specifics of the information that they offer may differ. That is associated with the different preferences and directions of each essence, what is the interest of each essence, and what point each essence is expressing in information.

I have offered explanation of what my point is or what my intention is in interaction with all of you. Generally speaking, any other essence does likewise, and their intention is not necessarily the same. Therefore, the information may differ and the exchange may be different, which may influence different information. This is not to say that the information that any essence is expressing is not valid, for it is. […] ELIAS: Now; there are several factors that are in play in all of these situations. One is how the energy exchange is being presented or how it is being interacted with, one is what the intention of the essence is, and one is what you would term to be what the drawn audience is. For, for the most part the direction of any essence in this time framework that is engaging an energy exchange with an individual within physical focus is to be offering information to be helpful with this shift in consciousness.

Now; not all individuals shall be drawn to one essence, for all of you incorporate tremendous diversity. In that diversity, your interests and your curiosities are different, and you are drawn to different expressions. Individuals that are drawn to interaction with myself are drawn to the information that I offer in the manner in which I offer it, for they are drawn to less distortion. That is an important and significant factor to the individuals that interact with myself. That may not necessarily be an important factor to other individuals. There may be other factors that are more important to other individuals, that other essences express more so than myself.

I do not offer information in a manner which reinforces expressed beliefs. Therefore, it encourages individuals to be engaging exploration and expanding their awareness in a manner in which they shall not necessarily be continuing to express judgments of good and bad concerning their individual beliefs or mass beliefs.

Another essence may be more in alignment with their information with beliefs, religious or otherwise. Other individuals may be drawn to that information for that may be less overwhelming in their widening of awareness. It may be more important to other individuals to approach an acceptance of their beliefs, in a manner of speaking, through the expression of them and not moving around them, in a manner of speaking. Are you understanding thus far?

Some individuals may incorporate more trauma within this shift if they are engaging my information and perhaps misunderstanding, and thusly moving themselves more strongly into an expression of discounting themselves for incorporating beliefs. Therefore, the factor of distortion would not be an important factor for some individuals. It may be more comforting for the information to be presented to them in a more familiar manner, one that may be easier for them to objectively assimilate and comprehend.

Some information individuals offer themselves not in association with another essence that is engaging an energy exchange. Many individuals incorporate their information concerning this shift in consciousness through religious establishments. Therefore, it is not to be discounted, any information that is offered. There are merely differences in what is offered and how it is offered.

There are also influences in the energy exchange itself. Some essences and individuals choose to be engaging an energy exchange in a different manner than I engage with Michael; some engage very similarly to myself and Michael. But many individuals choose to be engaging an energy exchange and to continue to incorporate some awareness objectively of the exchanges that are occurring between other individuals and the essence that they are exchanging with.

Therefore, they incorporate an awareness objectively of the conversations, to a point — not entirely, for any energy exchange with another essence does interrupt some of the objective awareness and memory — but there is an incorporation of some objective awareness. I may express to you that your definition of that type of an exchange would generally be classified as what you term to be a conscious channeler, which is in actuality quite ludicrous, for all channelers are conscious! (Laughs)

But I may express to you that that also influences the information that is being channeled, so to speak, for there may be some element of bleed-through of the individual’s beliefs that affects the information and its transmission. But it matters not, for as I have expressed, that does not invalidate the information, and it is no less valuable and informative than any other information.

It also matters not, for regardless of whether I choose to be offering information in the manner which I do and incorporating the least amount of distortion in what I express to you, you yourselves automatically immediately distort it. Therefore, for the most part the same action occurs whether there is distortion interjected into the information in the energy exchange itself, or whether you, receiving the information, distort it in association with your beliefs.

This is the reason that I express to all of you so very strongly that it matters not and that it does not discount what information is being offered. It is all purposeful. It is merely a matter of which individuals draw themselves to which information, and whichever information they draw themselves to shall be the most beneficial for them.

Yet unpublished session:

ELIAS: I may express to you also that as I have expressed previously it is unnecessary to be comparing information that different essences offer for each essence's intention is different and therefore what direction they move in and what information they offer shall be received by individuals within your physical reality that are drawn to whatever type of information is offered, and it is all purposeful for it is all moving together in harmony in association within this shift in consciousness.

But some information is received more easily by some individuals than other information. Some individuals are drawn to myself for they incorporate a clearer understanding of the information that I offer, some individuals are not drawn to myself.

Some individuals may be drawn to another essence that offers information which is more associated with religious beliefs, and that may be easier for some individuals, less challenging and less traumatic for them to be offering themselves information in association with those beliefs rather than to be opposing those beliefs and incorporating trauma, and that is the point, to offer information to reduce the trauma but to encourage this shift.

Some individuals incorporate quite strong metaphysical beliefs which are merely as I have expressed many times previously new religious beliefs. They are merely another costume of religious beliefs. Those individuals may generate more of an interest in non-physical information and that offers them an avenue of presenting information to themselves that does not necessarily challenge their beliefs.

But it matters not for individuals are all offering themselves information in conjunction with this shift in many different manners.

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