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Mary Ennis

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The first time Elias spoke through Mary was on April 29, 1995 in session #2.

**Session #2:**

VICKY: Then, “Mary” turned her head, looked me right in the eye, and said, “So! You have questions!” I thought to myself, “Oh God! Yeah, I have questions, but I don’t have a clue what they are!” Finally, I managed to stammer, “Who are you?” The answer was, “I am a personality essence.” My mind flew back to the Seth books I had read in the mid to late seventies, and the term sounded familiar. I said, “Where did you come from?” The answer was, “From the same place as you.” I remember asking, “What is your name?” He said, “I am Rastin, but you can call me Raz.” And then he smiled.

(Elias introduced himself in his first appearance as 'Raztin' what was not acceptable for Mary as Elias explained in #6. 'Michael' is Mary's essence name.)

**Session #3:**

VICKI: Can you use a different person to speak through?

ELIAS: No. I have been preparing Michael for a very long period. It has taken much concentration to make the connection. It has taken much work to … It is hard to explain. It would take much work to connect with another.

**Session #1468:**

ELIAS: I have chosen Michael as the partner in the energy exchange purposefully, for he generates a genuine allowance of this exchange without distortion and offers himself in agreement to be a focal point and an example in actual physical manifestations and actions of the concepts that are presented by myself. I offer the concepts and the information, and Michael’s participation is to be enacting the physical presentment of those concepts; which is purposeful, for it presents an actual physical manifestation of an example that all of you may understand, for you generate very similar experiences. And in sharing information Michael may incorporate an actual physical ability to demonstrate the application of these concepts, which is reinforcing to all of you, for if one individual may accomplish in these concepts, you all may.

He has agreed to be incorporating this responsibility in this agreement, and as long as his agreement continues, I shall continue to interact with all of you.

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